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BWO "Fabricator" / "Save My Pride"

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Taken from their website:

    The album will be released in September and will have what we call a hyper-electronic sound. The songwriting will of course be in focus, as always. But the sound has been inspired this time by the trance music of the early 1990s and the early electro pop of the late 1980s. It will be a very varied album, with songs from 60 bpm up to 140 bpm!

    The first single will be an anthemic and dramatic very European-sounding dance track, released in May. I can't reveal the title yet but it will be revealed in a few weeks' time.

    Exciting! Hopefully Martin will continue the fine tradition and get his tits out in the video.
  2. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    Re: BWO "Hyper-Electronic Sound"

    Thank you for making my day! In theory this new "direction" of theirs sounds absolutely brilliant. Hopefully Johan S is producing.
  3. Re: BWO "Hyper-Electronic Sound"

    I thought everyone on this board were complaining about all this 80's stuff.
  4. Re: BWO "Hyper-Electronic Sound"

    Not me.

    I don't really see what this 80s comparisons are about anyway. The modern electro is far better done in my opinion. 80s music usually leaves me utterly cold.

    BWO going hyper-electronic is fabulous news.
  5. BWO "Fabricator" and "Save My Pride" (EXCLUSIVE NEWS) !!!

    Dear friends of Popjustice,

    Those are the latest news from BWO :

    BWO's new album will be called "Fabricator" and will be released in September.
    The first single is a track called "Save My Pride" which will go to radio and clubs in late April for a May release, beginning in Sweden.

    This is the story of the track: The original version of "Save My Pride" was written by Alexander Bard and Anders Hansson for Alcazar and was released in a disco version on the Alcazar album "Alcazarized". The new track "Save My Pride" is however a big and dramatic electro anthem which sounds radically different from the Alcazar track. But since the new track has borrowed the chord sequence and the chorus section from the old track, it will be released under the same title. BWO are currently planning a video shoot with director Kalle Haglund (of Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs fame) to be shot in Stockholm in early April.

    There will be remixes available by SoundFactory, Credheadz and The Attic. BWO will have a very club- and dancefloor-oriented sound in general on the new album . The "Fabricator" album will have a hyper-electronic sound but the productions and the mixes will not be finished until the middle of the summer. A second single is planned for an August release ahead of the album release in September.

    Fresh news are always on
  6. Re: BWO "Fabricator" and "Save My Pride" (EXCLUSIVE NEWS) !!!

    Can't wait for new material from BWO. Alexander Bard really is a legend in his own lifetime.

    'Save My Pride' uses elements of the Alacazar song? Interesting! I love that song so will be interesting to hear how Alexander presumably wanted it to sound all along...!

    In other news, Chariots of Fire is getting a UK release through Shell Records in a couple of months so keep your eyes peeled for that. The pop invasion of 2007 continues....
  7. Re: BWO "Fabricator" and "Save My Pride" (EXCLUSIVE NEWS) !!!

    This all sounds great but you are missing the most important thing:

    Does Martin get his tits out in the video?
  8. Re: BWO "Hyper-Electronic Sound"

    I do find this quite funny. Not: "It will be a very varied album, with songs from a broad range of styles and influences", but "It will be a very varied album, with some really slow songs, some faster ones and some really, really fast ones."

    Still, I shall look forward to the album. Their last was so much better than their first, so this will definitely be interesting.
  9. Re: BWO "Fabricator" and "Save My Pride" (EXCLUSIVE NEWS) !!!

    I would prefer that he learns to dance in time with the beat.
  10. Re: BWO "Fabricator" and "Save My Pride" (EXCLUSIVE NEWS) !!!


    This only goes to proove that Alcazar were just ahead of their time.

    Milky x
  11. Oh gosh I loved "Save my pride" - though wasn't the Alcazar one called "Saved my pride" as in "I saved my pride, I saved my love, in the night, I crossed the ocean, to save my pride for love"....actually I could completely wrong. Anyway, it's a great track.
  12. Don't have it to hand, although it's on my iPod at the mo - but isn't it in the present tense, i.e. I save my pride, I save my love, etc....?

    It's definitely called Save My Pride though. And I agree that it's fab - so very intrigued as to how BWO will reinvent it. Good news though.
  13. I've always thought it was present tense. I was a bit worried that BWO were going to go all ballady on us after the singles off the last album, so this is excellent news!

    The version on Dancefloor Deluxe is especially ace for the way it mixes with Dance With the DJ...
  14. I always though Save My Pride was very BWO-ish and an under-rated track from Alcazar...

    ... I never understood why it was degraded to a hidden track from Alcazarized, now I'm happy the song is gonna be updated for BWO and released as single, fantastic news!!!!!
  15. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    I still have nightmares over how crap the 2nd album was.
  16. My god .. the title of the album is fantastic ... let's hope this is the proper progression from Prototype. I liked Halcyon Days, but in my opinion, only Juggernaut scaled to the heights of Sixteen Tons of Hardware and Living in a Fantasy and Voodoo Magic.

    Save My Pride is a great Alcazar song, one of my faves, so this should be good ... I'm glad Alexander is not letting one of his best songs lie forgotten ... maybe BWO should have Singing to Heaven as a hidden track! ;)

    Also! To that person with the avatar .. yay Kakko!!
  17. I wish BWO had released "obsession" as a single from their last album. now as i love "save my pride" by alcazar i really am excited about BWO covering it, i always wondered why it was a hidden track though when it could have been a great single.
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