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C. Tangana - El Madrileño

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Electivirer, Sep 28, 2017.

  1. What a rich album, indeed. AOTY contender.
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  2. Where is the Macho Affair thing coming from? His lyrics are very ironic, also did you listen Nunca Estoy lyrics?. It’s impossible to know who is Tangana as a person, he conveys a lot of different characters, it’s part of his art.
  3. I'm not a native Spanish speaker but yes, from what I could pick up on he's kinda the opposite lyrically, a bit of a drama king ddd. I could be wrong though.
  4. There is things to pick up but he is an artist who plays with characters. You can’t judge his music that way in my honest opinion.

    Nunca Estoy even goes against machismo.
  5. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long and it did not disappoint. My king.
  6. He's playing (which is not a bad thing) the stereotypical macho ibérico in his lyrics, his world-building, his references, his visuals. He plays with it, expands it or subverts it (Nunca Estoy as you mentioned), he explores it throughout the album (there's just one female feature) - the character of El Madrileño is, by definition, a macho.

    I'm not saying he is a sexist at all, though, or passing judgement, I know him and understand he's playing with this stereotype.
  7. Ingobernable is MASSIVE. He did not disappoint with this album even though the singles raised the bar really high.
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  8. Best debut ever on Spain Spotify. The king of toda España.
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  9. This is honestly amazing for him. Astonishing and so well deserved. Hope it's just the beginning and his audience broadens further more.
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  10. I listened to his album over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. He’s doing great stuff
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  11. Just popping by to say that this might be my album of the year so far. It's fantastic. I don't understand all of the lyrics so I can't really express an opinion regarding them, but musically it's a total triumph. One of the most interesting and thrilling pieces of music I've heard since the year started!
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  12. I love this album!
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  13. Same. I wish the anglo markets covered it more because I think it might be just as much of a triumph as El Mal Querer as far as fearlessly pushing boundaries. There are a few weaker spots; the album closer kinda stinks but the highs here are absolute masterpieces.

    On a Rosalia tangent, I didn't really know Tangana was so involved in making El Mal Querer, he has writing credits on that entire record but Rosalia never mentioned that probably considering they broke up before the album release (around Malamente?). For all I'd known before doing my research, El Guincho was the only main collaborator there. The drama must have been juicy.
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  14. Album of the year so far, full of personality. Also please , Hong Kong is a great song.

  15. This is on another level.

  16. Excelente!
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  17. A deluxe edition of El Madrileño is dropping next Friday!

  18. I love the title. Very excited for this!
  19. God having this all together on Spotify is gonna have me obsessed all over again. The sound of my summer honestly
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  20. Deluxe is out now:

    New single:

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