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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. What’s funny?
  2. Thinking CMBYO is not great.
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  3. And also wishing Elio would die (?)
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  4. Well due to husband saying it had a sad ending I figured that was where it was heading with the vomit and nosebleeds.
  5. I’m in a minority, I know. Maybe I’ll give it another watch in a different setting some other time.
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  6. But then you were disappointed when he didn't die!
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  7. Yeah because I didn’t particularly care for him and felt if that’s where it was heading then it should just hurry up and happen!

    Question to the fans, would you like it as much if it was a man/woman couple?
  8. No, because that would change the entire movie and its context. What a weird question.

    "But would you like Romeo + Juliet if it were about DOGS?"
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  9. Hell yeah. And I’d howl like a bitch at the end.

    And it’s not that much of a weird question. Love is love and most “traditional” love stories are about men and women, so I was just eager to know if it was because it was 2 men or the story itself that make you fans of it. It could have been the same story with an older man and 17 year old girl in a sort of taboo/secret way.
  10. Also wait Romeo + Juliet with dogs exists ddd
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  11. Of course we like it more because it’s between two men. We all grew up seeing literally thousands of movies with hetero couples, and the occasional gay who is kicked out of his house and / or dies of AIDS. To see a story where the drama derived solely from the two characters and not from negative outside forces is what makes it so beautiful. If Elio had been a girl their love probably would’ve been declared on the second night.

    Anyway, why did I waste my time answering such a stupid question?
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  12. 'Love is love' is one of my most hated phrases.
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  14. I too love Madonna's poetry.
  15. Shit maths.
  16. Summary of the movie:

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  17. shhh
  18. So, i splurged on the peach vinyl.

    I think I am obsessed with this film.
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  19. I was close to buying a blue copy for crazy money but then stopped myself.

    I regret it now.
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  20. The blue vinyl looked gorgeous.
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