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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Seeing this thread bumped reminds me to watch it again today!
  2. Let's just say I'm extremely happy with the little Call Me By Your Name pilgrimage that I managed to sneak into my Italian holiday. #sorrynotsorry I doubt that anyone ever felt so giddy in Pandino square where the "... because I wanted you to know" scene takes place - or as self-conscious as I did in the town square of Crema, where the actual table from the film (the "So, what does one do around here?" scene) is displayed like a shrine. Unless the Google Street View man uses different footage, my visit to Bergamo (where they sneak off to towards the end of the film) will be immortalized on at least three different locations, although, sadly, I did not dance to Love My Way in front of the church. I also did not steal secret glances to an Italian lover on the grounds of the Roman ruins in Sirmione. But did my heart flutter at all this literal Call Me By Your Name realness? Yes, yes, very much so.

    (I also went up to the roof of the duomo in Milan, in a crossover I Am Love extravaganza, but this was unintentional.)
  3. Okay but why do I feel like there probably is some Instagram account out there of dogs recreating iconic romance movie scenes and why do I sudden feel the urge to find it?
  4. Timmy and Armie on screen together again, I’m here for it.
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  5. But like, in old age makeup? I'm really nervous about this project.
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  6. Surely they’d just film them as they are. Bearing in mind they probably won’t be filming it for another 4-5 years. So that would make Timmy 27, Armie 37.
  7. But this is Aciman writing a new novel as a sequel to the book, no? To prevent Guadagnino from doing his own thing and writing his own script for a movie sequel.
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  8. I've always thought the weakest part of the novel is the coda. The movie was brilliant that way by cutting it entirely. Creating more story in that time period after the initial summer undermines the whole thing a bit for me.

    Eh, here's to hoping I'm being overly dramatic about it. It could be brilliant.
  9. He


    Oh, is this the reason? I thought they were working together on the sequels.

    Maybe it's a way to create a canon of what actually transpires in those 20 years. I don't know if I'm too interested though. The book shows what was relevant to their relationship and how they might relink later in life.
  10. The whole thing is reading gay-Before trilogy to me, which wouldn’t be the worst thing. They just need to get the story right.
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  11. I was just thinking that as well, they are great movies, although there is lots of improv and the actors had a lot of help with the scripts. A bit like Boyhood, I suppose where the characters weren't altogether that far removed from the actor. This would be the way I'd go but considering the actors aren't gay, and that it will be based on another book, I'm not sure it'll be as subtle as that trilogy.
  12. Hopefully we'll have Babs singing the theme song.

  13. Ha! I just finished watching the movie again today. Those last 5 minutes get me all the time. I wonder if i should read the book now since there’s an official sequel?
  14. The book is better, so yes.

    (This isn't a film v book comment, I really like the film, but the book is a slightly different beast and covers more, and in more depth)
  15. I’ve said it a billion times but the movie is definitely better for me.
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  16. I'm afraid to ever watch that film again.
  17. Because when I watched it I was not prepared. I hadn't cried in about 2 years and it broke me, twice. Sobbing. It's such a beautiful film and conjured up every emotion for me and all at once and it made me depressed for a week. I heard Visions of Gideon a few weeks afterwards and it immediately made me morose and sad. I want to watch it but I am literally afraid of the emotional impact.
  18. I saw you said you thought the end of the book was weak, whereas I thought it was brilliant. The way the book slows to an almost annoying crawl as Elio doesn’t want to let Oliver go, then accelerates at light speed through their lives the second he leaves.. it was brilliant to me. Some of the writing in the last section is highlighted and underlined in my copy as something to go back to as it hit so close to home.
    The film is lovely and beautiful and well acted but I wasn’t moved by it bar the parents. It was a heady confection weighed at points by sad reality but the book I think just gives one 10x more to sink their teeth into. And a better ending dd. Though the film should absolutely not have ended the same way as the book. Different mediums etc.
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