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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Yes, ensuring that dollar ("based on a novel by" surely charges more than "based on characters created by" - and with James Ivory telling them to fuck off, he'll be angling for the screenwriter's job no doubt).
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  2. I wish I could live inside this film. It's so beautiful.
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  3. A sequel feels a bit like a cashin. Please be good.
  4. The sequel is going to be dog shit.
  5. Yep, for sure. It's like it ended why gotta squeeze it and ruin the original by adding something.
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  6. I like the idea of a Before trilogy-style setup, if it's done properly. Admittedly, I still haven't watched Sunset or Midnight so I can't even speak to whether those were done properly.

    I'm not sure I'd read too much into James Ivory declining either. He's 90 years old; would you still want to be working at 90?
  7. Yeah I'm definitely not here for the Squeakuel.

    They usually force references to minor details of previous entries. I really don't need to know what happened to the peach. I really don't need to know if it IS a video.
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  8. Sadly I agree with the above... Though I clutch my copy of the book very tightly while watching the movie (both are different entities for me, but lemme not delve into that), but the need for a sequel is below zero here and I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever read/watch it.
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  9. Yeah, there's potential for a loose sequel here where we see what else these characters are up to (I think there's more potential with Elio than with Oliver, teebs) but we really don't need to see them try to rekindle the romance.

    Of course that's what they're going to do though.
  10. I hope they cast Dakota Johnson as Oliver's love interest rather than Jennifer Lawrence. No abiding against her because I loved her performance in mother!. But I'd rather have a more "inexperienced" actress taking on the role.
  11. I wonder when this will actually see a release. 2021?
  12. Ready for the sequel starring Scarlet Johansson as gay Asian peach.
  13. I watched this for the first time last night, and whilst there was flashes of brilliance throughout, it was only the last 45 minutes that really got me.

    I was an absolute wreck by the end of it. Even discussing it at work this morning got me all emotional.
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  14. I feel like I shouldn't have read the book before watching this film.

    I just don't have a great deal of attachment to it and haven't really felt the desire or need to watch it again.
    I mean, it's beautiful to look at and I love Timothee... the last scene is perfect.

    I guess I just didn't warm to Armie Hammer all that much. I have no idea who I would've liked more as Oliver though.
  15. He


    I just think Oliver is not a very likeable character, he's a bit of an idiot. But what they have together, and how it happens, and how transformative it is that even after all those years it still haunts them... well, that is where it all became so affecting to me.

    I think movie-Oliver has a nicer aura about him.
  16. So, there's a Japanese collector's edition with a Call Me By Your Name tote bag.

    Of course I need this:

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  17. Need! Where’s the link?

    I seem to miss out on every little Limited Edition thing they release of this.

    Still bitter about the blue vinyl.
  18. Cheapest on Amazon JP.
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  19. Oh my god the Japanese get so spoilt!

    There is some kind of special Maurice BLu-Ray thing that looks amazing too!

  20. Someone convince me not to buy that peach-scented LP, please.
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