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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Isn’t it out of print now?
  2. DONT! I still can’t smell the peach and the vinyl doesn’t go well with the artwork.
  3. There’s a copy at my local record shop.
  4. He certainly LOOKS 35.
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  5. The Call Me By Your Name writing on the cover is scratch and sniff peach scented, from what I've read, I haven't scratched it.
  6. I bought it, but I haven't opened it. I think I'm just going to keep it collector-style.
  7. Decided to listen to the audiobook because I feel like it. Armie is so good at narrating. Ugh. Falling in love all over again.
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  8. Just bought it, glad to hear he’s good at narrating!
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  9. Armie's right.
  10. He


    I guess it won't happen in the same way Luca envisioned during the press tour, or at all.

    Also I think the book needs no sequel whatsoever.
  11. He


    Scream, the book sequel has been announced, and it is out October 29th.

    It's called Find Me.
    I wonder how influenced this is by Guadagnino's ideas / the desire for it to turned into a screenplay.
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  12. I'm so happy he didn't name it Call Me Again or any type of play on that.
  13. “In Find Me, Aciman shows us Elio’s father Samuel, now divorced”


    I hope Amira Casar is still featured in the inevitable film.
  14. This sounds like a coming out book of Samuel? I mean his scene was very powerful but it shouldn't be the focus of the story. It probably wouldn't but meh. I just don't think it needs the focus.

    Part of the charm was that it was so pure and naiive and I don't know if that can work if they are all grown up even with kids.
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  15. It’s all a bit of a worrying cash in to my eyes
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  16. I'll probably buy it and hate myself every minute it takes me to read through the obvious pandering
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    This is definitely me.
  18. Ugh I'm gonna read it/watch it but it was perfect as it is, but now everything that generated money gets stretched out and milked till it won't turn into profit anymore, ruining the fine-as-stand-alone originals.
  19. He


    I think it didn't even make much money? But I guess the possible cult following and critical acclaim is there.
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