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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. The TV show The Other Two paid homage to this at the end of the latest episode - one of the characters is sitting in front of a fire facing the camera while crying like Elio did, and the credits roll over it in the same way they do in Call Me By Your Name. Right down to the font choices and Sufjan's song sound-tracking the scene. Haha.
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  2. So the new book is set some time in the future? In that case I don’t want to see a new movie any time soon. I wouldn’t want to see Timothée and Armie playing older versions in bad hair and makeup.
    I’d rather them revisit it in 15 years time.
  3. [​IMG]

    Entertainment Weekly
  4. Hmm. Interesting choice to shift some focus to Elio's father.
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  5. Welp let me go ahead and pre-order for my hate read
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    Ddd I so want to read this.

    I dig the change of focus, it feels maybe less forced and it might be nice?
  7. I'm concerned how quickly this was written (not that I know how long these things take) and that it may just be a vehicle for the 3 main male actors who played those roles in the film (to much acclaim).
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    I think this might be the main motivation perhaps. But I won't mind if it's good.

    But I also think I read he wrote the first book in a couple of months?
  9. Writing a book doesn't inherently need to take a while, especially if one is feeling particularly motivated.
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    That screenplay rights money!!
  11. Armie Hammer just wants to ruin anything he possibly can.
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    He said that if they get a great script and the rest are on board, he’ll do it. I’d expect Thimothee to say the same. Armie was very enamored by the process and intensity of the film, so it makes sense he wouldn’t want to tarnish that.

    To be honest it’s such a special and specific story, that it doesn’t need a sequel. But if the sequel is something completely different, it might be interesting.
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