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Call Me By Your Name

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by ephemeralartery, Jan 22, 2018.

  1. Yeah I was a bit disappointed to find that Samuel’s chapter is more than half of the book. I want Elio!
  2. Oh no, I dont want this to taint the perfection* that was Call Me By Your Name. Hopefully I can take something from it.

    *it was for me so dont come for me.
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  3. The ending of the book was such an unnecessary, drawn-out slog in comparison to where the film chose to end. I really felt that revisiting them later in life stripped away all the romance of the main events of the story. I read the book after and mostly loved it but just felt it was one of those rare instances where the film improved on the source material.
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    I loved both film and movie. Whilst the film captures the hazey summer romance and sexual awakening brilliantly, the epilogue in the book really wrapped it all up with a heavy melancholy / opportunities wasted / the sadness of adulthood bow.
  5. Decided to pass on reading Find Me based on fan reaction. Normally I wouldn't let that persuade me, but it sounds like the author took a story (his fantasy?) about an older man having an affair with a young woman and just rammed Call Me By Your Name in to sell it. In fact, he mentioned writing this old guy on a train story before he announced anything about a Call Me sequel. An afterthought. For anyone invested in the original story, how can that be anything but a letdown? If they do another movie, hopefully they can ignore this.
  6. I’ve read the book but not seen the movie. Pretty depressing at the end and it put me off.
  7. Yikes. The reactions in here make me want to avoid the sequel at all costs, but as a CMBYN stan I may just have to pick it up.
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    A friend gifted me the book yesterday, so I guess I have no choice but to read up. I’ll share my thoughts.

    I still think this didn’t need a sequel, and that the open ended epilogue sufficed. Maybe short story at the most.
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  9. I'm gonna read it after reading the Call Me By Your Name as I've only seen the film, not read the book.
  10. I... really don't think I'm going to read this. I've always thought the film distilled the story into its best possible version.
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  11. I've just finished Find Me. Cue a very long sigh. I mean, it's not bad: Aciman has a way with words and knows how to distill desire onto the page like few others. However ...

    - Call Me By Your Name ended on such a great note. Why tamper with that?
    Oddly, I'm not even sure that heartbreaking coda still stands, what with Find Me seemingly deviating from it? Can anyone who has read Find Me maybe enlighten me? My mind boggles.
    - I'm sorry to say so, but I didn't particularly connect with any of the new characters. They just stood in the way of what anyone who loved the "original" came here for, i.e. Elio and Oliver. Although, when Elio and Oliver do get their respective moments in the spotlight, they - dare I say it - borderline annoyed me. I know they've aged and grown up etc., but I had a hard time recognizing the characters from the first novel. So in the end, I felt as though the first and longest chapter, which is dedicated entirely to Samuel, is the best part of the second novel. Again, to anyone who's adored Call Me By Your Name, this just doesn't sit right.
    - The novel Call Me By Your Name is of course perfect, but the movie did that rare thing of improving upon it. So any sequel should have logically been a film sequel, I feel. Although not in the way Luca discussed in interviews ... and actually, come to think of it, I wouldn't want a sequel to the film either.

    So yes, Find Me does kind of break the spell of Call Me By Your Name (novel and movie). But that's just my opinion, of course. I think I would have liked it better if it hadn't been a continuation of Call Me By Your Name, but rather a collection of shorts about new central characters. A bit like Enigma Variations. Oh, well.
  12. It’s not a bad book but as a sequel to Call Me By Your Name, it’s bad.
  13. Considering the weak reviews, the movie will probably focus only on Oliver and Elio hopefully? Eh... Yay.
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    I don’t think it’ll happen. At least for a long while.
  15. Reading this thread through my fingers, but is a/the movie definitely happening now?
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