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Call Me Loop

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by backstreetjoe, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Love the song, but the video did remind me of this a little bit:
  2. Still not sold on this 'Call Me Loop' business, but she's a bop maker - so I'll let it slide.

    Party from ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE!!
  3. So she's wearing yellow then?
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  4. If the artwork doesn't have a monochrome background with her outfit being the same colour I will be a bit disappointed to be honest.
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  5. Being honest it sounds like a bit of a mess ddd

    I also expect a monochrome background cover or I’ll go on strike.

  6. Both the lyrics and visuals feel like something Lauren from CHVRCHES would have written in her secondary school maths textbook.
  7. ddd @Lost Boy she binned the monochrome aesthetic.
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  8. Still a gorgeous cover though.
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  9. She looks so much like Diana Vickers in that pic.
  10. That’s a stunning cover, though.
  11. BOP.

    Also she's number 13 on New Music Friday UK, so she's pretty high up.
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  12. UGH her mind. I love that she’s releasing these Rita Ora bops.

  13. !!!
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  14. I will fully go by myself if I have to.

    Also can she please update her website because I need a PNG of her new logo goddammit.
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  15. The good sis finally updated her website, nearly a week after the song came out whoops.

    Still naff all on it though. Get that merch girl.

  16. ‘Cut & Run’ music video!
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