Calum Scott - "Lighthouse" + General Discussion

This new song is very, very nice. And I really like thie video. But, why oh why, just 2:47 min ? Could this be a radio edit of a 4 min song ?
Can't stop playing this, yeah... Somehow his voice is just so good? It works well and the production suits him too. Wonder how the album will sound.
There is a European North Western Europe tour. I'm not sure if I wanna go, but at least no one wants to go with me!
Also €40 for that venue sis? I do doubt it...

Okay but come to Scotland king. I want to see you live.
He seems to be hard at work on the new album so I guess At Your Worst was a one off. Shame as it’s such an ear worm.
Came in super late to say that I love his song 'At Your Worst' but Jonas Brothers' version is so special to me. Maybe there's hope for Calum yet after his attack on humanity.