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Calum Scott - Only Human (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. 1.2 million views on Youtube. This should be the next single.
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  2. Brought the album today. I'm loving it, though I was hoping the booklet would have a few more pictures of Callum but alas.

    Really enjoying Give Me Something.
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  3. Not me reading this and listening to it too. The lyrics fit your comment.
  4. Officially number 4 in the U.K. Albums Chart!!

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  5. So 4 months after release You Are The Reason is finally getting a Spotify push, been added to Hot Hits UK and Today's Top Hits, two of the most crucial playlists.

    I think the Spotify push is probably down to his US label as I believe he is going out there now to promote.

    The song has actually really endured on iTunes since release though, I really didn't expect it to hang around so long. Definitely another slow burning hit I think for Calum.

    The bold red is the duet version.

    And I am not so secretly excited for Leona too as this is given her the most exposure she has had in years, the duet video is going to be her most viewed on Youtube since Forgive Me was release back in 2008.
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  6. Results! He's adorable and I have my fingers crossed that the album stays in the charts a while.
  7. The album is out a week and he has been posting Instagram stories of him being back in the studio for album two, his team are doing it right and not wasting time.
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  8. Dancing On My Own is now playing on my jobs "muzak" station.

    I wish it was Robyn's version.
  9. What an amazing album. I nearly had to stop the car the other day as I thought I was gonna start bawling to ‘only you’. And I NEVER cry! He’s done a great job
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  10. Got the album yesterday - wow, I am impressed! I love his voice, and the production too - getting rebecca Ferguson vibes from it. Lots of love for it here!
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  11. He’s spent a second week inside the top 10 albums this week at #6. Good to see it holding up well.
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  12. I would love more EDM songs from Calum in the future

  13. I’d prefer Give Me Something or If Our Love Is Wrong.
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  14. he's SO CUTE in the video as well
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  15. So the US push for You Are The Reason is starting now the tour is over.

    It has been building on AC radio for the last month or two and is still climbing but currently at 10, they don't appear to have sent it to any other format yet though.

    He also tweeted he and Leona are performing it on GMA in June.

  16. Nice live piano version
  17. New single?
  18. Does anyone else feel like what he did to "Dancing on my Own" turned them off from the beginning?

    Few of my mates are into him and I might give the album a listen but his Robyn cover made me furious haha!

    Always been opposed to the "slows song down to make more emotional" vibe, but public lapped it up huh?

    He does seem to be a nice guy though, glad to see he's getting the Spotify push. It's kind of necessary now, I think.
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