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Calum Scott - Only Human (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Robert, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Potentially. It was released as an instant grat track just before the album was released and he’s done a couple of other performances of it. One of the best tracks on the album, so it’d make a great single.

    He also performed this cover at the piano room:

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  2. Music video for What I Miss Most.

    Good choice of single I think.
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  3. "What I Miss Most" is an instant favorite of mine, I'm so glad it's the new single.
  4. Nice video but I feel the single choice is too safe. I would have preferred something a little more risky like Give Me Something or Good To You. Whilst neither of them are risky risky, considering he had so far any had success with ballads (Dancing On My Own and You’re The Reason), it would be nice for them to try another Rhythm Inside and mix the sound up a bit.
  5. But...What I Miss Most isn’t a ballad.

    Love this song. Probably my favourite on the album along with Give Me Something
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  6. Yeah I know it’s not a ballad but it is mid tempo and still feels too safe.
  7. The single mix is actually quite an improvement. The mums will love that video.
  8. Great choice of single. Pretty decent video too. I hope it’s a hit for him.
  9. I want him to go the Disney-pop star route. After this album, or maybe the next, filled with sweet love songs, he needs to release filthy songs along with a new and improved slutty aesthetic. Think Gay Times-Calum but sluttier.
  10. Today, a new version of You are The Reason was released, a duet with Ilse DeLange, a Dutch super star, and outside The Netherlands, known for her band the Common Linnets, who came 2nd at Eurovision in 2014. Great version!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. That is it, he is cancelled!! Imagine betraying Leona like that!! Haha

    Quite a smart strategy by his team, if it helps it be a hit elsewhere then why not. He does seem to have a good team around him and they are really putting the effort in for him. But no surprise to anyone, but I do prefer the Leona version.

    Be great if he could bag a slot on BGT this year, he is one of the few success stories they have.
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  12. Would be nice if this becomes a hit over here now that Ilse is on it. Many artists have done this in the past, recording various versions of a song with local artists (Ricky Martin and Glenn Medeiros spring to mind haha)
  13. I wish he would move on from You Are The Reason now! He wasted promotional opportunity when he performed it and Dancing On My Own On Zoe Ball on Saturday instead of What I Miss Most and Dancing

  14. It also went Platinum in Australia too.
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  15. Calum and Ilse performed their version last night on Dutch national TV. I just melt every time I hear him sing!
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  16. Laughing at the first 2 pages slagging him off and then after that everyone changing their minds and saying he's good.

    Only just listening to the album now, no familiar with him or seeing him on TV etc.

    It's a really good debut album. Much prefer the uptempos to the ballads but that's me with any artist.
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  17. He’s releasing a French duet version of You Are the Reason on Friday.

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  18. He has just announced he is supporting Pentatonix this summer on their US Tour.

  19. US Promo for this has started now.

    The song goes for adds June 11th on HAC radio. Fingers crossed it does well.
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  20. #13 on US iTunes.
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