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Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. This sounds like the theme song for a pro Brexit Ant Middleton TV show sing by him.
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  2. This was ahead of its time.

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  3. I still don't understand how this flopped. I thought that it screamed hit, tbh.
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  4. This is Shit.
    I bet the straights lap it up
  5. One Kiss? Promises? Even Rag'n'Bone Man couldn't stop Giant being a bit of a bop.

    He was onto something with that run of singles, it was giving Basement Jaxx summer carnival vibes. This new song is a strange regression for him. It's so nothing-y.
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  6. It's so weird that the One Kiss / Promises / Giant era didn't spawn an album cos that sound was it.

    I also loved Over Now with the Weeknd teebs and still can't quite believe it flopped.
  7. It is co-written by Theo from Hurts as well?!?
  8. This is the definition of reductive. No variation on production, a drop that goes on too long and in general just feels undercooked? It sounds like an album track from Motion. Tom's vocal performance is extremely watered down as well. One Kiss and Promises truly were his last two great bops.

    I don't think this will be an easy hit, in fact I think it'll flop.
  9. I'm wondering if it'll do similar to 'Higher Power' in that it has massive instant support but doesn't live up to that, oh at all.
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  10. I read that there was an album planned with One Kiss/Promises/Giant but then Calvin got bored of the sound and abandoned the idea!
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  11. Yeah this truly does sound like an album track straight from Motion, a complete let down.
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  12. Well he truly has awful taste then if he thinks this is somehow any better.
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  13. I hate that he often gets bored of a sound and abandons potential projects in a similar vein.
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  14. K94


    What a tragic summer cash-in, and I feel that he knows it. As you lot have said, it really looked like he was dropping the basic stuff with those last singles, but guess he's back to it now.
  15. Imagine leaving two UK No. 1s and one No. 2 album-less because you're now bored of that sound. Just imagine that.
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  16. Yeah, I would have loved a whole album and era for those three singles and I thought that was where it was heading. Feels like a massive missed opportunity for his label.
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  17. A Calvin Harris album isn't something I particularly need but there was definitely room for one after that singles run. It's okay as a DJ to do these quick lil singles but then at some point there needs to be some legacy/discography housekeeping with an album, which Funk Wav Bounces did a good job at. It was a clear campaign of "this is the sound I'm doing now, these are the artists I'm working with" which would've been great for the Kiss/Promises era. Instead it's just this constant dripfeed of singles that eventually leads down to... this.
  18. Betting this is a left over from the Motion sessions? It brings literally nothing new to the table.
  19. Today I’m thinking about her.

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