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Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 2

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by mindtrappa, Apr 27, 2016.

  1. Does Young Thug always sound like he’s hiding from the killer when he’s recording his vocals?
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  2. This is kinda immediately great. A really groovy, chill companion piece to Slide, which might be my favourite Calvin song.

    sprinkled with a little bit of sex appeal
    and it's a moment, yeah
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  3. Tomorrow 1pm UK time.
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  4. God Dua is a dancer
  5. It’s very “Just Be Good To Me” by the SOS Band.
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  6. It's rather lovely.
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  8. Kinda doubt it. But it’s nice.
  9. Hmm not felling it 100% tbh.
  10. I meant Just Be Good To Me being the classic it is ddd.

    I don’t see this being some mega hit, but it’s (another) fun stop-gap before the next record.
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  11. The song is a bit of a dud.
  12. The good flop Calvin did it again - reconnected with a singer he made an inescapable hit with and then released something far inferior.
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  13. This is so underwhelming as a potential big lead single. It’s totally fine as an album track and Dua sounds so great.

    That being said, I’m ready for Dua to deliver another smash collab before the next era.
  14. This has been on loop since yesterday and a definite summer smasha but Dua and Young Thug have absolutely no artistic chemistry whatsoever. On Slide and Feels, all the artists are in synergy but it feels like a mashup on Potion.

    In a perfect world, Megan would feature on this and Sweetest Pie would have remained on someone's hard disk.
  15. Late night conversations
    Electric emotions
    Sprinkled with a little bit of sex
    And it's a potion, yeah

    The Potion in question:

  16. The instrumental with Dua’s parts are such a vibe but the Young Thug parts are such a misplay… why it wasn’t a Dua Lipa song through and through I’ll never know. Oh Calvin.
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  17. Yeah Dua sounds amazing on this but it’s fairly tame for a lead single.
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  18. I mean I think this is the vibe Calvin is going for on Funk Wav. Slide and Feels were the outliers on Vol 1, the rest was very chill. I wouldn't expect anything that hits harder, teebs!
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  19. The song is pleasant enough. It's not a club banger but Dua sounds so lovely on it. Her voice has such a distinct, listenable tone.
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