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I wouldn't be surprised if this Calvin album was less "bop" driven, though. I know I'll be excoriated here, but commercial/trancey EDM is dead. I expect something more moody or house influenced.

I just hope it doesn't disappoint like the last Disclosure album. My favorite Calvin is still I Created Disco.

I agree. I'm sure there'll be a couple songs in that vein to appease the EDM bro types, but I also wouldn't be surprised if he goes back to something more pop oriented.
I love that she seems determined to derail Needed Me in any way possible. Fantastic.

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You mean "Kiss It Better"? That's the only song this would affect. As far as "Needed Me" goes, it still has time to build this summer, Urban radio won't touch Calvin Harris, and I wouldn't be surprised if Pop picked up "Needed Me" along with the Calvin track as soon as "Needed Me" goes Top 10 on Billboard.
Depends on what type of house you're looking for - garage, classic, acid, electro...there are a lot of subgenres. I do prefer classic house though:

Mixcloud also has a pretty big selection of house mixshows and DJ sets.

All great classic tracks. "Take Care" is house influenced, and Drake's "One Dance" is reggae-house fusion (that Korg M1 "piano 1" preset used is pretty much synonymous with 90s house). Of course, he could also go the too obvious Tropical route, or do something more in the vein of dancey rhythmic/pop like Diplo, JACKU, Flume, etc.