Calvin Harris - General Discussion

It's surprising how exciting the prospect of this era is.

I wonder if Taylor will end up never collaborating with him just so another Rita Ora situation doesn't happen.
Looks like it's Calvin ft. Rihanna vs. Zedd ft. Kesha for 4/29 releases.


Probably not much of a competition. I mean the Kesha one is an existing song, isn't it? Thats like a year old?
He's gonna have to claw back the pop sensibility he had in droves with his first two albums and, for the most the most part, 18 Months. I bought Motion for 99p on Google Play and still haven't listened.
I need this to be unequivocally DEEP (maybe a little Future) House. I will not be here for anything remotely tropical. Please God, NO.
All great classic tracks. "Take Care" is house influenced, and Drake's "One Dance" is reggae-house fusion (that Korg M1 "piano 1" preset used is pretty much synonymous with 90s house). Of course, he could also go the too obvious Tropical route, or do something more in the vein of dancey rhythmic/pop like Diplo, JACKU, Flume, etc.

And this is how I spent an hour watching synthesizer videos on YouTube.