Camila Cabello - C,XOXO

Yeah sorry but I'm down bad, the hyperfemme energy over those synths hits the final molecule of serotonin in my brain that was about to die of loneliness. Doubt I'll come back to it in a couple months but I will be perched for the fascinating level of shamelessness that permeates this entire campaign.
After a few listens, the production is the catchiest part after the Gucci Mane sample. They're the only parts that are really sticking to me. The "I love it" x20 chorus is annoying, but I can see it becoming an earworm if I give it enough chances, mainly because the synths under it give it a certain kind of energy that is destined to activate something deep within.


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I don’t mind this but some of this seems very stitched together. I’m interested to see how the rest of the era plays out.
The problem with the chorus is that's not melodic enough to be that repetitive. It doesn't have to be super melodic but that shit sounds monotone as hell. Hate it.
Seeing this thread jump four pages and I was expecting an annihilation but loads of people like it?

In general, I like Camilla’s music but this is borderline unlistenable. It’s really awful.
The verses are still woefully underwritten, but this version is definitely more fleshed out; and the production does pop. Growing on me a bit
How did she go from four years assumed-permabanned to 15 pages of "I hate her!" while being perched for her new lead single. I'm scared

If I see the M*lanie M*rtinez thread get bumped…