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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. So I take it OMG isn't on the album then?
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  2. Praying there's a deluxe version with more songs!
  3. No OMG, Crying in the Club or I Have Questions then.
  4. I find something very funny about the fact she re-recorded a radio edit for Never Be The Same just to remove the heroin and morphine references.
  5. The cover art this era has been simple but fab since they ditched the awful aesthetic chosen for I Have Questions and Crying.

    Album cover is good/arresting, the Havana/OMG single covers were a nice and direct use of that side profile. It's all...appealing.

    New songs are nice! I can't wait to use this all through the cold bleak Scottish winter.

    EDIT: OMG and I Have Questions should be on the album but ok.
  6. Never Be The Same, sis, what kind of hellium induced lucid dream? Real Friends is okay, but kinda boring.

    And she could've chucked all the other songs released before at the end as well, so the abum wouldn't look as barebones as it is.
  7. "Omg" @ #OMG being left off. Girl bye. And why is there a radio edit of a new song, presumable
    future single aside, when they could've put Crying In the Club as a bonus to squeeze in some extra sales. Choices.
  8. 'OMG' is so much better Real Friends, so it's a shame the former probably isn't on the album.
  9. Never Be The Same is absolutely gorgeous, I hadn't listened to any of the live performances of it so it was completely fresh for me and I am very pleasantly surprised. My favourite song she has released to date.
  10. 'Never Be the Same' is absolutely excellent.
  11. Is that some Epic issue with 10 track releases lately? 5H got the same amount of tracks last time. I hope that Republic will snatch her as soon as the album will be released.
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  12. Never Be The Same is a 10 for me
  13. The pre-chorus of Never Be The Same is brilliant.
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  14. It’s not?! That’s my favorite release from her.

    Never Be the Same feels clunky and I’m not sure about the Selena Gomez-esque pre-chorus. Real Friends is nice though.
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  15. What the actual fuck at her including the same song twice. No Camila. Also no OMG or I Have Questions? Where's that deluxe edition? Messy.

    Real Friends is a bore. Her worst solo song so far. Luckily Never Be the Same is gorgeous.
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  16. 10 tracks? Bit stingy love but I’ll take what I can I guess...
  17. Not her dropping OMG as well. She's ruthless.
  18. If Crying isn't a UK bonus track they've really missed a trick. Why drop an actual minor hit single?
  19. None of these two songs builds on Havana so... Fifth Harmony reunion in 2019?
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