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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. She seems to really like Never Be The Same. After the whole label Havana fuck up they're probably just going with whatever she wants to be a single.
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  2. Never Be the Same doesn't sound like the kind of song that is gonna build on Havana's success at all.

    Tbh, if these are the best 2 songs to show off the album it's probably gonna be quite shit.
  3. These two songs are utter garbage. When she starts on that morphine, hero-eeen riff on NBTS, I wanted to rip my ears off.

    And I listen to Sia.
  4. I actually think Never Be the Same is a great followup. It works well as a winter single.
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  5. Loved Never Be The Same but yeah, that's no hit. But then again, nothing after Havana will be so maybe they'll have something punchier for single #3.
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  6. Real Friends is cute, but Never Be The Same makes me think they need to go back to the drawing board. It's atrocious.
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  7. I don't mind the chorus to Never Be the Same but it isn't better than Crying in the Club or OMG. Dumb move to leave them off.

    Real Friends is garbage.
  8. Didn't Camila confirm they'd scrapped it? I still think it will probably pop up on a different version though.
  9. I understand leaving off the first two songs but not OMG. Will they take Never Be The Same off the album if it isn't a top 5 hit?
  10. I actually like both tracks but 'Havana' came on immediately after on iTunes and... yeah, they're going to need to do a little better even if the latter has set expectations a little too high.
  11. My god, her falsetto on Never Be The Same is atrocious. She sounds like a dying cat. Real Friends is tolerable, but give me more bops.
  12. It will definitely be tough for her to get another hit anywhere near as big as Havana, at least during this era. I like Never Be the Same but it doesn't sound like a smash. Real Friends is a cute bonus track and I'm shocked they chose it for the album in place of OMG or even I Have Questions.
  13. So we waited 6 months to get the same album she had before she was signed solo. Mess.
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  14. I actually kind of like it? I'd love for her to work with SOPHIE and have her just totally cut up and mess with Camila's vocals.
  15. She already has.

  16. Never Be the Same is alright, it reminds me of something from Rihanna’s Unapologetic album, but ditching Crying in the Club and OMG for that, no baby no.
  17. OMG is trash
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  18. OMG, in addition to being a bop, has a fair amount of streams that would lend quite well to SPS. I don't get why she wouldn't just plop it on the album. They're being really dumb. Giving up Crying's 200m streams just for the sake of the """"lead single""""" looking like a hit is idiotic too.
  19. Bye, I totally forgot about this. What a moment.
  20. I'm just happy I'm getting more than 4 new tracks. They should add the pre-released tracks to a deluxe edition for the SPS certification, that's for sure
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