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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. I'm too lazy to figure it out - but what's the difference between the radio edit and album version of Never Be The Same?
  2. Have they learned nothing from Zara Larsson? Tack everything onto the tracklisting = streaming hit before anyone hits play.
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  3. The "Heroine, morphine" line in pre-chorus is different in radio edit.
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  4. I lowkey like OMG more than Havana but I’m shocked she’s culled it. Like it’s already out there whys it matter. She must have been given a 10 track limit surely?

    Anyway, these two new ones are dull. Considering she’s harping on about how personal each track is and how they come from a real life place, they’re a little generic. Which is fine it’s pop but making it sound like catharsis in bop form but delivering a tired cliche is... not enough. Never Be The Same is cute. Real Friends is not.

    Truly surprised that they haven’t built upon the breezy Cuban sound of Havana. There’s an identity there.
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  5. Real Friends sounds like a Selena Gomez song mixed with Justin Bieber and ed Sheeran. I think it could be a hit for her. Never Be The Same is alright too, not my cup of tea but it's cute. But the sooner she stops trying the singer-songwriter aesthetic and embraces herself as a pop girl, the better.
  6. Lol. For a heavyweight these sure are mediocre songs. Give me a break.
  7. Real Friends is a cute little album track but it's definitely nothing more.

    I expected MUCH more from Never Be The Same after seeing the amount of love it had on forums and social media.

    I mean, it's not a bad song but it doesn't sound like a big single either. Maybe the more I hear it, I'll think otherwise but I much prefer I Have Questions.
  8. RJF


    The irony is that "Real Friends" sounds like the kind of thing that makes it one of her favourites on the album. I actually... quite like it? She rides the sparseness well. The other new song is okay too. I mean I was never expecting much even after "Havana", so maybe I'm just being easily pleased.

    "Crying In The Club" being omitted seems foolish from a business point of view, but whatever.
  9. RJF


    Also, I'm gonna have HEROWEEN bouncing around in my head for... a while.
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  10. Wait can someone PLEASE tell me what song the melody of the title line in Never Be The Same is reminding me of? Either way I'm kinda loving it, chill little bop.
  11. Never Be the Same is nice but it's very Sabrina Carpenter meets Demi Lovato.
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  12. Poor Sabrina
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  13. "Never Be the Same" (shades of Julia Michaels in that prechorus) and "Real Friends" are let downs from "Havana". She sounds a million times better than she was with 5H.

    A short tracklist bodes well for the album.
  14. Real Friends gives me Love Yourself maybe it could be a hit?
  15. I guess most of her tracks are going to be fast growers with me, Never Be the Same went from meh to stuck in my head after a couple of plays. Real Friends started as and so far has remained a nice album track.
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  16. I can see Real Friends actually taking off, seems like the sort of melodramatic message that teen girls would love and hammer. Never Be the Same is decent too, but doesn't really sound like a surefire hit to me.

    But I thought OMG would be what took off rather than Havana sooo...
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  17. Wait, I only just realized these are out already as opposed to being New Zeland early leaks.

    Both are pretty good.
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  18. Never Be the Same would be even better as an up-tempo/mid-tempo.
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  19. I love the ridiculously high pitched vocals on Never Be the Same.
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  20. Never Be The Same is very Taylor Swift.
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