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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Inside Out has hit potential. This is a very solid debut, her personality shines through on every track. Her reign begins!
  2. LP


    I'm quite underwhelmed. Only digging a few tracks.
  3. “All These Years” is so good nn. Queen of writing wizened, world-weary love songs at 20.
  4. DDDDDDDDD this is kinda true
  5. I'm about halfway through it and it's a cute little album. I like OMG but it definitely doesn't seem to fit so I understand why it was left off, even if I was originally a bit salty about it. I guess I don't mind how bopless the album is, because she actually sounds pretty good vocally which I was afraid wouldn't be the case. We'll see if this has any staying power.
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  6. Sorry if this has already been asked but genuine question....what is the actual difference between Never Be The Same Track 1 and the radio edit? Did she actually put the same song on twice? When OMG, I Have Questions and CITC are nowhere to be seen?

    I've listened twice and it seems perfectly fine, not sure it warranted all the amazing critic reviews though? Although I enjoyed All These Years and Somethings Gotta Give, I relate to the lyrics a lot which always helps
  7. This is a great debut, but honestly the sequencing is a disaster. I mean everyone in their right mind will have removed the Never Be The Same Again radio edit, which means the albums ends on Into It. No Thanks. I am not normally one for rejigging but this is begging for it. And for the cast off's to placed somewhere.
    Something's Gotta Give, She Loves Control, Inside Out are my favourite of the 'new' tracks.
  8. It's "Just like nicotine, rushing me, touching me" on the radio edit instead of "Just like nicotine, heroine, morphine".
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  9. I'm with everyone saying it's a cute album. Well constructed but a bit slight and I'm glad I was not the only one getting itchy by the end of it. I do think it lacks a little in the excitement department, and it's hard to see myself returning to it much. Never Be The Same did grow on me but I forgot about it completely a week later. However, I do think the album is a nice starting point for her career and I'm impressed how good her vocals generally are here.

    Re: the reviews, I've always been annoyed that reviewers don't seem to score for "excitement" in performances, perhaps because it's hugely subjective. Perhaps it also doesn't matter much to them, because wanting to come back to something two months later isn't such a big deal when you're constantly inundated with new stuff to review. If you just score the album on how well constructed it is and how well it achieves its aims, 4/5 doesn't seem unreasonable.
  10. The album is magic in how it is totally bop-less but okay.
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  11. Into It; I'm into it.
  12. It does give me a bit of a diet Yours Truly tea. It's not quite as good as that, but it's a generally well-crafted, well-written debut that does its job of introducing Camila the solo artist. It's not the thrilling, lightning in a bottle moment I think some were expecting, but it's a solid body of work for a debut. I hope it continues to be successful for her, because I do think there's a lot of promise there.

    Never Be The Same, Havana, Inside Out, In The Dark and Into It are all very very good. The others feel like growers.
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  13. This is such a warm, cohesive album. A bit too short maybe. Still, I think leaving some of the pre-album singles off was the right decision as they would have stuck out like a sore thumb.
  14. Cute little bops to listen to while getting dressed in the moring. I like how this sounds so authentic compared to much of the horrible pop landscape these days. There are a few songs which production feels flat but even those are enjoyable.
  15. Definitely gotta tack OMG onto it somewhere because I lowkey love it & it feels like the one extra bop it’s missing.
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  16. Album is out 3 minutes
  17. If OMG's production was tweaked a little, it would fit perfectly on the album and give it the extra bop that it needs. The other 2 would stick out completely though so I'm glad they got scrapped.
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  18. Into It is now my favourite, it makes me feel like a happy flirty 18 year old. I love it.
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  19. Into It, Inside Out and In the Dark are all bops.

    Maybe she should stick to releasing songs that begin with I.
  20. It sort of purrs along rather than pouncing but its also really listenable and breezy which should work well for the casual streaming figures
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