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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. What a stupid article, saved by the fact that Justin is in last place.
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  2. Half of these albums won't come out.
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  3. True, and I doubt Ariana will be 15th either.
    (But as the T&Cs say, it's subject to extreme change)
  4. [​IMG]
  5. There was no need for Crying in the Club and especially I Have Questions on the album if we're honest.
  6. Yeah the only really great song she left off the album was OMG. The rest are completely unnecessary.
  7. I gave the album another play today after not listening to it for a while and its pretty enjoyable. Think it will only continue to grow on me with every listen. I really enjoy her voice on most of the tracks whereas I found it pretty unbearable at times in the band.
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  8. The weirdest thing about that list is Selena being so high.
  9. She's performing on Graham Norton on Feb 16. Someone at Syco suggested she'll be in the UK for a while after Japan so they probably have more promo lined up. Wonder if there's any chance of a Brits performance.
  10. The Japan performance brought both the album to #1 on Japanese ITunes and Havana to #1. She's also been chilling top 10 on all South Korean music sites for weeks now. Is she gonna be another Ariana to them in Asia. They all love havana
  11. Am I the only one that enjoyed Crying in the Club? I just thought it was a really odd choice for a debut single because the title comes off kind of desperate.
  12. It was my most-played song last year, so nope, you aren't.
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  13. I like the Genie in a Bottle vibes.
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  14. Crying In the Club is really average, but its not a bad song. The glaring problem with it is she's so obviously imitating the demo she was given. It should have just been a Sia song.
  15. I thourghly enjoyed Crying In The Club as a stand alone single however I’m happy we got the album we did instead of whatever direction the label were pushing.
  16. Crying in the Club is a mediocre bop that I use every once in a while. It deserved to be scrapped tho.
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  17. A contestant has just sang Crying in the Club on The Voice, get that UK Top 10 smash, Camilla!
  18. It's commendable that she was so successful with Havana after the failed start of Crying in the Club. Down had so much more buzz when it came out a few weeks later, and Camila seemed to sink without a trace - I remember even Dinah being shady about it on social media. I don't think anyone could have predicted that she would come back with one of the biggest hits of the year.
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  19. It's cute that you think Down had buzz
  20. But it did? Work from Home was massive, and there was consequently a certain degree of interest in where the group would go after losing a member.

    This is also from a US perspective. Nobody in the UK was really checking for Fifth Harmony or Camila last summer. Crying in the Club became a moderate hit due to the ridiculous amount of time it was kept on Spotify playlists, and Havana blew up months later of its own accord.
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