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Camila Cabello - Camila (Debut Album & Singles Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hyrulian, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. I've been really into 'Into It' lately, those verses are luscious, and the Lordesque pre-chorus is so contagious.
  2. Easily the best part of the song and the reason why I like it even though the rest of the song is just okay.
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  3. Inside Out is very basic in its songwriting, but it's just such a feel-good bop. The soft steel drums in the background are everything. And it's one of her more pleasant vocal performances. It's just fun to listen to.
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  4. I want Inside Out as a single but it's a decent album!
  5. I think she will get another #1 with Never Be The Same. It's just so good.
  6. I expected my Mom, who loves Havana but who thinks Fifth Harmony is "bad music," to not be very impressed with Never Be The Same but she really loved it. Hope they give it a good video.
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  7. I hope the label doesn’t derail the whole era by realeasing a ballad as the third single. She Loves Control should be the next single, it would be another top 10 atleast for her. Maybe a ballad as the 4th single? Not sure any of them would make great singles though.
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  8. I agree, She Love control seems like the obviously choice and they’ve already had it feature on a few Spotify playlists to test the waters so I’d be very surprised if wasn’t the next single. I’d love Consequence or Real Friends to be the 4th single if they go for that many singles.
  9. I'd assume the next 2 singles would be She Loves Control and Real Friends. Unless they do a re-issue with a new song to follow whatever the third single is.
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  10. We can only hope. I finally heard the song on the radio last week and it sounded even more amazing on the radio. (Then 30 minutes later, the same station played Havana. New York's Z100 are Camila supporters, I love it.)
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  11. Really? I've it heard it on the radio quite a few times now. They're still rotating Havana pretty heavy though.
  12. So soon, too.
  13. Debating on a PTO day for the Detroit date, hm.
  14. would love to see the tour in glasgow but I have no-one to go with :(
  15. I’m going to have to go to Glasgow!
  16. Maybe she'll be Taylor's opening act?

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  17. Can she be Katy's though?
  18. I can't afford to get a Nadine, Demi and Camila ticket all on Friday. :( if she doesn't sell out I'll snatch a ticket next month for the Glasgow date.
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  19. Yet another artist skipping over Dublin, fucks sake!
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