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They had their third studio session together yesterday.

I do feel sorry for the other 4 girls, especially if this project blows up big and overshadows their album, but at the same time...

You don't turn down an opportunity like this.
It could just be a track for the Major Lazer album. MØ didn't blow up, Ari's song with them remained a (very good) OST track. Even if it's a Lean On type of song, why would she leave FH.
Yeah, it's most likely a Major Lazer or Jack Ü track. Both albums are in production, with Major Lazer's coming out pretty soon.
the hurting the healing the loving - Album (Date Unconfirmed)

Crying in the Club - Lead Single

I Have Questions - Promo Single

So since it looks like Fifth Harmony is slowing down for a bit and Camila has more stuff on the horizon, might as well start a general thread about her.

Here's her new track with Machine Gun Kelly.

Camila regarding her departure from Fifth Harmony
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Wow, I didn't mean starting a thread literally, but I suppose it's time. Camila must be elated that she has a thread on here now!
Yeah after reading your post I was surprised there wasn't. This is what, her third solo collab? It was definitely time to start one.
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