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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Has there ever been an occurrence where there's been an active pop group where one member is having a solo career at the same time and completely overshadowing the other group members in terms of popularity?

    I know Justin Timberlake and Beyonce were always the stand outs from their respective groups but did they do solo stuff while their groups were active?

    It's so weird seeing Camilla at #3 on iTunes and having a hit last year with Shawn Mendes and at the same time having Work From Home as one of the biggest songs of the year worldwide. It's sort of fascinating to watch and yet at the same time sort of weird. I mean, I guess it's fine as a one-off and it's sort of acceptable if the solo song is a flop or just does 'okay' commercially but seeing it become so popular and seeing how the success is probably down to Camilla's popularity can't sit well with the other group members.
  2. I would never have predicted she'd be one of the stronger live vocalists in the new crop a few years ago when I started following pop. Lesson learned. MGK isn't bad either, he doesn't drop off live nearly as much as most rappers.

    Why don't labels look at this and insist on grouping up their most promising 16-17 year olds for at least a few years? Sigh.
  3. I don't think we can say she's the reason of the song's success when she had a song with her group not so long ago that was #20 something on pop radio and nowhere to be found on iTunes top 200..
    I don't know how this happened, but there are lots of random songs getting big and it looks like they have a lot of $ invested in them. They're in big spotify playlists, gaining nice updates on radio etc etc
  4. I can't think of any in the west, but in kpop yes. Right now Zico and Block B have that relationship to a much greater degree than Camila and 5H, although there's not much tension because they were struggling until he broke out, so the other members are grateful, plus he writes and produces most of their material now. Again, the Korean system makes it easier to rotate between solo and group releases because artists release singles and EPs multiple times a year; full albums are a rarity.
  5. Bad Things is awful, but definitely building momentum in the US. She's setting herself up for a nice solo career.
  6. England didn't get the memo xoxo
  7. Machine Gun Kelly has been releasing music for about seven years now, though, and aside from a #98 peaking single in 2011 he hasn't ever had any sort of commercial success. I'd say Camilla with her huge social media following and popularity from Fifth Harmony is definitely the reason the song initially (at least) got more attention than anything else he ever did.

    And she's just been part of one of the biggest songs worldwide of both 2015 and 2016 with her group. Let's not take That's My Girl flopping as an indication of her or the groups success.
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  8. Sis, don't do this.

    As an American, literally no one knows MGK. He's the lower-tier rapper for white guys who skateboard, smoke cigarettes and drink monster energy drinks.

    And your second paragraph is very Gaga i.e.: "I just found out there' industry...trying to...sell my music". Shout Out and tons of other songs have huge play list adds. There's tons of songs being pushed on radio that are flopping. Do I think the success of this means Camila Cabello is suddenly a huge pop girl? Of course not, but she's the most popular member of the most popular girl group in North America. She brings something to the table.
  9. This isn't Machine Gun Kelly's debut single?
  10. I do have a hard time imagining a full on Camila song though. I like her tone but 3:30 minutes might be too much.
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  11. This is totally true. I just don't think the song is being massive because people know a Camilla Cabello. But maybe it is, I don't know. I haven't checked for this song until now to know how it was doing before.
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  12. Amelle had a #1 hit when she was still with the Sugababes.

    Beyonce's Check on It was also included in the group's greatest hits album. I think the single release of that song came out right after Stand Up for Love.
  13. Kelly & Nelly's "Dilemma" was released just a few months after the last single from Survivor. Same with Beyonce's song for the Austin Powers film. And as someone else said, "Check On It" was put on Destiny's Child's #1s album despite being a track with (mainly nn) Beyonce's vocals.
  14. Point blank!
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  15. Also different times. Back then labels were scared a stray song would mean they lose on 10.000.000 albums sold. Now, they be like 'meh do watchuwant'.
  16. I listened to Bad Things for the first time there and it reminds me alot of the Taylor Swift and B.O.B collab 'Both Of Us' from 2012 with the stripped back and slow singing on the choruses.
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  17. The video is very boring, but I'm obsessed with the live performances of the song. I love them

    And the song is #2 on US iTunes
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  18. And #15 on Spotify. It's coming for blood
  19. Let me find my post predicting No 1 for this and kii
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  20. "Bad Things" is the ultimate real-life reflection of Beyond the Lights' satire of these pop/rap duets - down to the anonymous rapper, the stilted chemistry, the obvious major-label cynicism behind it, the almost destabilising artlessness of the whole endeavor. But I do love the chorus in an undeniable "The Monster"-ish way. (And sooo here for solo Camila.)
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