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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. I just searched "Bad Things" on Youtube and the official video was like the 10th result on the page? For a moment I thought they'd geoblocked it.
  2. I want to hate this so much but then I find myself chanting the chorus out of nowhere. So yup, I hate myself and have no taste whatsoever.
  3. The chorus used to be my favorite part, but now I find myself singing the "I want you forever even when we are not together..." part basically all day long. Obsessed with that , and the moment when they sing those lines together almost at the end
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  4. SAME! I love every bit they do together and his pre-chorus is more addictive than the actual chorus.
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  5. I've listened to the song a couple times but I can't remember it for the life of me. I always end up singing Good Thing by Nick Jonas and Sage The Gemini instead.
  6. Expected to jump to #16 this week, though it could hit #15 if its gains keep growing as fast as they are.

    This will be Camila's second Top 20 hit as a solo artist in the span of a year.
  7. It could easily go top 10 next week and I'm here for it.
  8. I kind of like Bad Things now. It's stuck in my head.
  9. #17(+1) at Pop Radio with 5886(+316) spins, 1273(+124) bullet and 37.882(+1.546) audience
    #14(+1) at Rhythmic Radio with 2383(+76) spins, 534(+18) bullet and 9.259(+0.394) audience

    The support for this is intense.

    Side To Side, Love On The Brain, and Bad Things seem like the main multi-format going into Christmas for Pop and Rhythmic. The combination of Camila and MGK was smart.
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  10. Well damn Karla, sley a bit. Great performance.
    ...also, I want to do bad things to MGK.
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  11. The Empress' Golden Reign. IT BEGINS.
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  12. #17(+11) on the Hot 100![​IMG]
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  13. Which site do you use for the Billboard charts?

    The official website is always so tardy.
  14. atrl
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  15. Ah thanks!

    Another website to distract me from all the other things I should be doing!
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  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    It won't distract you long.
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  17. I think she might nab the Itunes #1 soon. It'll be funny. Looking forward to it.
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  18. You'll be back soon.
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  19. She's #1 on Itunes.
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  20. Tinashe needs to get in studio with Camila.
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