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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Yet never has shade been so dusty since before the opening of Tutankhamun's tomb xoxo

  2. Demons play don't them with.
  3. #3 on iTunes (#1 without The Voice songs)
    #11 on Spotify
    #12 on Rhythmic Radio
    #16 on Pop Radio

    She's #coming.
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  4. Yas queen Mila make more peoples pressed.
  5. Jumps into the Top 10 on Us Spotify and gained over 300 spins across Pop & Rhythmic.

    Early predictions have this jumping into the Top 10 this week.
    They should line-up some Christmas promo to really make it smash.
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  6. It's back at #1 on iTunes.

    Where did 'Work From Home' get to on iTunes?
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  7. It's been bumped to the first song on Today's Top Hits. I think that's higher possibly than any 5H song has ever been playlisted on that specific playlist.

    #2 or #3, I believe.
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  8. Queenila Hitbello
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  9. Sleigh a bit future kween of pop MGK.
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  10. This got an almost 2M AI gain today on pop alone. Jesus. I know Interscope is really good, but this is a whole new level of all-around support. So glad it's happening for her/them.
    It's almost Top 10 on both Pop & Rhythmic. It Hot AC starts to spin it, I'll scream.

    I really don't see how this won't be a huge hit. I think it's gonna outpeak Work From Home at this point.

    Future #1? Hopefully.
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  11. It's going to No 1 and doing half of Closer's weeks.
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  12. I wonder if it's more 60/40 or 80/20 that 5H3 will be put on hold indefinitely if this hits #1 nn.
  13. Couldn't this help the group's hype?
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  14. Yeah if anything it'll help the groups popularity I don't know about the group dynamics.
  15. Does the bread-winner of a home making more help the home if said bread-winner vacates? nn

    It'll help them, with the biggest stipulation being if she stays on.
  16. It will help them as much as Closer helped Chainsmokers sell their album nññ
    It's not like they 5H need much help in America (yeah That's My Girl flopped but we always knew that, didn't we? It's too girl group-y for them) when WFH and Flex did great on radio
  17. Predicted to climb to 11, on the Hot 100, welp.
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  18. It'll outpeak their second highest charting hit "Worth It" coming for "Work From Home"'s crown.
  19. She posted on Instagram thanking the UK fans for their support for the song yet it's only at #176 on iTunes here?

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  20. I think she's coming to promote the song here, at least that's what the Instagram post hinted at.
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