Camila Cabello - Camila

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Did it hint as to when that's going to happen?


BTS of the video, if anyone is interested

Oh I kept seeing this thumbnail and thinking they just changed the official one.
And no, she just tweeted a pic of her in London. It looked more like a "hey UK check my song, it's smashing America, why arent yall buying it?" but she's probably doing a radio tour/couple shows when she's done with the Jingle Balls with 5H
It's been bumped to the first song on Today's Top Hits. I think that's higher possibly than any 5H song has ever been playlisted on that specific playlist.

#2 or #3, I believe.
It was #3 at best, same as Worth It.

Karla is coming for wigs
^ They really are. That's how I got hooked with this song, after their performance at Jimmy Fallon.

This new performance is also really good. Camila and MGK's chemistry is undeniable and makes everything more enjoyable.
I'm obsessed
They performed the song at the Z100 Jingle Ball.

The performances are alright but the song is undoubtedly a bit shit. Camila deserves better than to sing a random low quality verse masked as a chorus.
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