Camila Cabello - Camila

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Track of the Day at Radio 1:
Love this pic. Too bad TODT on Sundays are pretty useless. She's #160 on iTunes.
I don't know why I feel like this but.....I'm shocked and kinda sad. I'm not even a huge stan of 5H but I have followed them since the X Factor and have developed a strange connection to them. I know that this was enivtable but I really wanted the five of them to work out. I guess whatever makes her happy.................but I do think it's a bit presumptuous of her to branch out so early.
A completely stupid decision. Two? top 10 hits with her group had her gassed enough to do this?

She's not even the most talented one in the group so all the DC comparisons I'm seeing on social media are irrelevant

Sis if DC were not a complete Matthew Knowles experiment so that Bey could go solo later on she would have left whatever band she was in. So the comparison is not valid anyway.
I'm so excited for this. I could never get into 5H, maybe because there was no connection between members whatsoever. But I was always excited for Camila, so I'm very happy for whats next for her, plus maybe I can finally get into 5H
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