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This. Picture.

Did Camila gain some weight or am I just imagining things?

I find it funny and ironic that after spending the last three years disliking Camila and criticizing her, I've finally come around during the last months , I started to enjoy her voice even in the 5H songs that I used to despise... and now she's done with the group.

I never thought I would be on Camila's side, and even less that I would be excited for her solo projects
Billboard Hot 100:
#14 Bad Things (-4)

Not off to the best start kiii
(Or is it due to Christmas songs or something like that?)


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My Camila feelings literally are: i don't like her voice, I'm glad she's going solo so I can ignore her now. How are people doing the absolute most (from both perspectives) on this???
It's discount got taken off, but it's back to climbing.

Whatever for the likes though, sis.
I just think it's stupid to only post the Billboard updates when they're positive.

But yeah, I just saw this
iTunes US: #5 Bad Things (+2)
So good for her. Guess this really could outpeak Work From Home then.
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