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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. I know they said they were going to carry on as 4, but wouldn't it be more fun to host a reality show competition to replace what's her face and then.. voila.. instant press and notoriety that is true to their reality show roots and will help introduce the new 5H. The best part is that the high profile notoriety will leave that olive oil, worst voice in the group, talentless hack's solo career in the dust.
  2. This is a Camila Cabello discussion thread, not a 5H one
  3. I discussed her getting left in the dust. Does that not count? Look all kidding aside, I never thought she belonged in 5H because I don't think she has 1/2 as much talent as the other girls. But who knows? Maybe she'll have a mega successful solo career, so that I can be annoyed for years to come.
  4. Sounds familiar


    And still a terrible idea nearly 10 years later.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Y'all as extra as the other tho, so...
  6. I was gonna try to argue back against this, but literally was writing a response to that one user's weird Camila beef with how Bad Things has already outpeaked most of 5H's discography on the Hot 100, on overall airplay, on pop airplay, and rhythmic airplay, so you know what? You got me there, sis.
  7. Chill she didn't kill anyone.
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  8. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Just to have them leave before anything substantial tho?
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  9. Screaming that posting the weekly Billboard update has triggered the good sis so much... chill. I know this was probably a rough day for you, but it's gon get better.
    And I've actually been here for this song for a while now, been praising her live performances etc. Just because she got a bad update and I posted it I'm suddenly the #1 Camila hater? Good lord.
  10. The speech at the end. I can't.
  11. Nah you're fine, it's the ones critiquing her physique and comparing her Popeye's girlfriend that have crossed the line.
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  12. Bad Things is starting to grow on me, and just in time!
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  13. Sis, my post was about the user calling her olive oil and their dreams for a flop reality show.

    But I guess keep using "triggering" in the weird Trump-esqe dudebro way for validation or fragile masculinity or whatever if you jumped to such conclusions.
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    This show was iconic and so was Girlicious...well at least in Canada...

    But does anyone remember this?
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  15. R92


    Sis, I sang in the shower this morning and was more successful than Demi. That is not a high bar.
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  16. Bad Things is absolutely horrendous (but seems to be doing well so whatever).

    I hope the rest of her solo stuff is a bit more exciting.
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  17. Here for "Bad Things (Part Two)" - Camiya Cabeyo feat. Machine Gluegunned Remy.
  18. That's Grammy nominee Demi Lovato to you thank you very much
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  19. Did Taylor Swift ghostwrite this, too?

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  20. R92


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