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Camila Cabello - Camila

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. Well YES but also I'm completely joking.
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  2. I know there's only so much speculation that can arise from the little information that's out there, but the Gary Spangler IG comment coupled with the amount of times she's been photographed with Charlie Walk sure makes it look like Republic might be buying her out of her contract.
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  3. Time to edit the thread title I guess, as she'll be going simply by "Camila" from now on.
  4. Her Dangerously In Love is nigh.
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  5. There's already a Mexican band named Camila, mess.
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  6. hollywood life though.
    Why would she change her name, makes no sense as she's credited as Camila Cabello already on Spotify, Apple music etc.
  7. The perfect illusion is ruined.
  8. Hollywood Life is pure fanfiction
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  9. Yeah, Hollywood Life are full of shit. Besides, Camila is too common a name, in my opinion (most will read and say it as 'Camilla'). Camila Cabello has a better ring to it (even if some will pronounce the surname incorrectly).
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  10. So I'm only just finding out that Machine Gun Kelly is a particularly awful person. Camila needs to leave him in 2016 and start a fresh next year.
  11. Yeah actually, wait...

    I fully endorse dropping this prick and starting over.
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  13. Whoops, I didn't realize Hollywood Life was at the level of printing outright lies. I've seen them around for a while so I thought they were just a random third-tier industry publication Camila's management fed the tidbit to.

    Something about that Werde quote really pisses me off. Stay classy, US music industry.
  14. There's maybe like 5% truth in anything Hollywood Life posts. I recall that they once posted Britney had a song called "Love Me Down" on her (at the time) upcoming album... except that it was a ballad. As we know now, "Love Me Down" is far from a ballad. I'm guessing the factual part is anything that says Camila left 5H.
  15. He really is dreadful...
    He's one of the rappers that racist white people will say they like when they have to defend themselves by saying that they aren't racist because they listen to rap (along with every other white rapper and Tyler the Creator)...
  16. I have a feeling that this thread will slowly (but surely) become the next Jessie J/Jess Glynne joke thread.

    I'm ready.
  17. Island

    Island Staff Member

    The Jess Glynne thread was a joke thread?

    I'm serious.
  18. I mean it gave us this.


    I actually really like her debut album.
  19. For a second I thought It's Lit was her first single...
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  20. Same. I was intrigued.
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