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I love all of the girls of Fifth Harmony but she really isn't the star of the group so I don't know why she has the most happening for her as a solo artist.

Not when there's Lauren, Ally, Normani, and Dinah who all have far more star power then she does.

Speaking as a layman (I haven't paid attention to them/know anything abut them other than they hate each other...couldn't tell you which was which or their names off top of my head), I can tell you that Camilla is the only one who I would recognise my name (I still hesitated and had to recall HIEW when I sae thread title) and her tone is the only memorable one from the group.
Very late to the "Bad Things" party but wow what a song. I can totally see it do an Airplanes or whatever and smash. It's also 100% teenage girl drama, always a plus.
There's nothing wrong with it. I just find it boring because it's 75% a rap song. Her hook is amazing though, so it just makes me excited about something solo coming from her in the future.
All the melody sounds like Fastball's "Out Of My Head" which is fine with me. I know random, but whatevs.
It's an interpolation of the Fastball song.

This is actually doing good on radio.

#25 on Pop Radio
#26 on Rhythmic

Also #37 on iTunes and #46 on Spotify.

I think this could be a I hate u, I love u or Gold type of hit if it keeps building like it it on radio.
They should try to land them both a good performance spot when the video drops.
Eh, this is still MGK's single more than her's, but if it blows up, I wouldn't be shocked if we got another feature sooner than normal (probably the Major Lazer one). There was a theory Charlie Walk was really putting in work to establish her and build her presence as a new act.

I Know What You Did Last Summer to build her up on Hot AC, Bad Things to establish her to Rhythmic audiences, and a Major Lazer single to help her blow up on Pop, and then launching her off the success of all three features.


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There's something a bit gross about seeing group members being primed for solo success now that we have social media and can see it coming from a mile away; at least pre-internet there was a bit of an "oh this is out of the blue" novelty factor to it even if it's always been this way in the music business. I hope Fifth Harmony can carry on without her if her ambitions are elsewhere and she doesn't wipe out everyone's careers with a solo gamble.
She's the most musical though, she's always writing. Let her do her thing. If all this time Normani was doing video features or Ally was doing comedic work nobody would be complaining.
It's not like all five had solo stuff ready and they only picked Camila's.
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