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Camila Cabello - Camila

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. wait its out?? omg. I cant listen while I'm at work but does it have any different things from the live??
  2. Liking Sangria Wine. Very summery, I can imagine it doing well!
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  3. wait! its credited Pharell, Camila. Like he is credited first.
  4. she has better album tracks (and non-album singles) than Sangria Wine
  5. I like it but She Loves Control is the bigger bop.
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  6. Sangria Wine is ok but She Loves Control is much better. I hope that has a chance of still being a single .
  7. Sangria Wine's chorus is already stuck in my head...
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  8. It's fine...cute background bop for a summer BBQ, but too dull to give it much notice.
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  9. Why does Pharell produce such trash? This is like an assault on the ears and not in the good way.
  10. Song is completely forgettable to these ears but, eh, Pharrell seems to score like one huge hit a year out of nowhere so maybe it's a good business move? 'She Loves Control' knocks harder, of course.
  11. This is such a boppp. And the buildup to camilas chorus at the end is unreal. She sounds so seductive!
  12. The verses feel like they were designed to have a call and response vibe a la Havana, but they forgot to add the responses? The silence after each line she sings makes it feel unfinished.
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  13. The chorus is shit. The rest is fine but it doesn't really go anywhere.
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  14. Sangria Wine is straight up annoying. The absolute homophobia of going with this over She Loves Control for the summer.
  15. I think it sounds massive and I can see it being a huge hit! I hope she services She Loves Control as a single too over the summer, she’ll be unstoppable (providing they film music videos in a timely manner but I won’t hold my breath).
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  16. Live version is better. But I had the same with Havana back then I was a little bit disappointed but then it became a smash, so let's hope this will be a smash too.
  17. Is this something frenzied internet stans made up? Columbia is pushing "Sangria Wine," not Epic.
  18. I can only see ''SWINE'' when I look at the cover.

    Haven't bothered to listen to the song yet.
  19. I just assumed since it’s getting a Billboard performance and all that she wouldn’t release another single while this was out.
    Also does this mean She Loves Control will prosper soon?
  20. Sangria Wine is terrible. Really hope a 3rd single is happening and they don't just try to push this.
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