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Camila Cabello - Camila

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by dijeizasin, Apr 22, 2016.

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  1. She's the only one with solo potential.
  2. Top 30 on iTunes. They should drop the video around the AMAs to springboard off of 5H;s performance.
  3. The song is Top 20 on iTunes and Top 20 on pop radio.

    Expected to jump to #30 on the Hot 100 so far.
    It'll very like end up outpeaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, which peaked at #20.

  4. This could go Top 5 and even No 1.
  5. The song is actually happening.
    Her vocals reminded me so strongly of Britney when I first heard it. I can see them marketing her as the new generation's Britney when she leaves 5H.
  6. She doesn't have the limited range.
  7. So someone with a vocal range from B2 to F#6 which is almost 4 octaves has a limited range? OK.
  8. I can't bare to imagine what a solo Camila album would do to my ears, please stick to the iconic adlibs Cam.
  9. She's performing Bad Things on Jimmy Fallon tonight.
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  10. How very Geri Halliwell of her.
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  11. She needs to go mononymous already.
  12. Mmm Cabello is cute? It's hardly Aguilera or Juaregi.
  13. It is pretty cute. Poor thing is going to be correcting 'CabeLLo' to 'CabeYo' for the rest of the foreseeable future but perhaps it'll be worth it.
  14. I'm not ready for certain meltdowns if this would outpeak Work From Home.

    Though I think it can really blow up when they put out the video. It's growing steady on all metrics, it just needs to get more traffic on Youtube.
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  15. Fallon called her "CamEEya" I don't think it's her last name we have to worry about.

    Edit: This is #11 on iTunes, get ready for the slayage.
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  16. Link me the hell UP. My cherry tartlette is ready to be pulverized.
  17. Just think, every girl aged 9 to 13 with 'ma 1st sexxxy thought xx' diary entries will fall for this, hard. Then add teenagers and baby gays... bingo.

  18. Superstar.mp3
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  19. ...she... actually did kind of amazing?? I'm actually shocked right now.

    Their chemistry is 10000x better than what they tried to do with Shawn.
    This deserves to be a hit. They can perform it so well.
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  20. She actually performs it as it's on record, probably because there was no voice manipulation on the finished song.
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