Camila Cabello - Camila

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She's the most musical though, she's always writing. Let her do her thing. If all this time Normani was doing video features or Ally was doing comedic work nobody would be complaining.
It's not like all five had solo stuff ready and they only picked Camila's.

She's the only one with solo potential.
The song is Top 20 on iTunes and Top 20 on pop radio.

Expected to jump to #30 on the Hot 100 so far.
It'll very like end up outpeaking I Know What You Did Last Summer, which peaked at #20.
The song is actually happening.
Her vocals reminded me so strongly of Britney when I first heard it. I can see them marketing her as the new generation's Britney when she leaves 5H.
I'm not ready for certain meltdowns if this would outpeak Work From Home.

Though I think it can really blow up when they put out the video. It's growing steady on all metrics, it just needs to get more traffic on Youtube.

Just think, every girl aged 9 to 13 with 'ma 1st sexxxy thought xx' diary entries will fall for this, hard. Then add teenagers and baby gays... bingo.
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