Camila Cabello - Camila

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Can't get this out of my head and all I did was watch the performance around 11 hours ago.

It's funny cause I don't really like her tone on this song as it sounds overprocessed on "my mind" (even though it isn't). I guess I like the Camila deliveries that everyone hates like Write On Me haha.

Also I don't think they're breaking up as soon as people are expecting them too...
They need one week to record an album more or less. Their A&R is just great at picking the bops. Collect 12 songs, make sure one is Work From Home levels amazing and the work is done. They can work on solo stuff on their free time too.
Otherwise you'll just get a repeat of the 1D fans who still think the band is on "hiatus." Which nobody needs.

Well at least 1D will reunite somewhere down the road when they decide they want to make buckets of money from a sold-out tour. That's not a possibility for Fifth Harmony.
I really hope they don't bullshit us if they go on a "hiatus". Just tell us if you're breaking up or not ya'll. I would love one more album but if they start doing solo music and not just features then it's probably a sign.

They're very unlikely to. It's just plain good business sense to always leave the door open for a reunion.
She was so good. I just can't get into the Machine gun part, annoyingly, as its most of the song, it's just not hooking me in, while Camilla's part I can't get out of my mind. I'd love to hear a full Camilla 'Part 2' version with just her.
Reupload of the performance:

Where did this guy come from? He's so awkward performing and his whole persona makes me uncomfortable. I'm glad he's not famous though so people can't put the success of the single on him. Also, Camila's so sweet! "Jimmyy!"

He's basically the male Niykee Heaton nn.
He / Him / His
I think my taste is getting gradually more basic because I sort of dig this? It feels straight out of that 2010 Alex da Kid era in its structure and general mopey vibe but I just think she has a really great pop voice that's only accentuated here by the drippy verses (even if the "I want you forever..." bridge is actually pretty solid too). I think it was a good move testing the waters, so to speak, with this feature because I can actually sort of hear her on the radio and holding her own solo, provided she had some 'Work from Home'-sized bops at her disposal.
And #5 on Time's 10 worst songs of 2016, kii.

I see Time still trynna snatch that under-60 click.
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