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Camila Cabello - Don't Go Yet

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by CC91, Jul 16, 2021.

  1. Surprised I didn't find a thread for this - new single on 23 July.

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  2. Uno


    There's no thread because she's been blacklisted from the forum.

    Stan Normani.
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  3. Ah, I can see the previous album threads had been locked. Clearly I'm out of the loop!
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    Leaving before this gets locked kii
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  5. Keep it.
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  6. I actually can't believe how similar it is to the Pang cover...

  7. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Don't Go Yet? Girl we're gone x

  8. I know she doesn't have much of a positive presence on this forum but it's good to see she's finally ditched Epic and switched labels.
  9. I always find it hilarious that she’s blacklisted yet the Kim Petras thread is alive and kicking. I mean both make awful music and decisions.
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  10. Camila Cabello sucks.
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  11. May her flop era continue at Interscope!
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  12. I mean Kim's thread has more or less been (completely justified) nonstop draggings for a year and a half now so it's not like she's getting away with anything either dd
  13. DAS


    So happy this thread is back! I enjoyed Familia but I hope that with Interscope Camila can really get back to her 2018 imperial phase - fingers crossed her appearance on the voice (where she is coming across very well... as expected) will put her back in the public eye in a positive light
  14. Satire I hope.
  15. The way it took Gwen Stefani and John Legend to make one of her songs halfway decent
  16. Imperial phase? Where she had a #1 hit, a top 10, and then bombed out? We're using that term a little loosely now it seems.
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  17. Don't Go Yet (song and video) is still *the* track of summer 21, it did not deserve to flop. Sorry.
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  18. The thing about her, even if you put… everything… aside, and no one has any responsibility to do so, is she’s just a very obvious example of Emperor’s New Clothes. There’s nothing there.
  19. I mean, you're basically right, but there is a bit of a difference. Camila is completely canceled whereas people drag Kim but still seem a little bit perched for her to put out good music again. And I do think Kim should have same fate as Camila on PJ. They're the same kind of awful ambition without morals pop act.

    That being said, I don't think either thread should be locked.
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