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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. RJF


    *looks directly into camera*
  2. Cancel Culture? Louis C.K is touring right now. Michael Weatherly still has a show on CBS. Paula Deen is still on TV. Bryan Singer was attached to direct a major film just months after the 1000th accusations of him sexually assulting minors went public. Trump is the president.

    Awful white people remain doing just fine.
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  3. Poor Natalia, cancelled for dragging an average, straight, white man. ":("
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  4. Ddd I’d argue that there (unfortunately) was no success to cancel her from.
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  5. True but Where is my third album, Karen?
  6. "Mom can we get a third Natalia Kills album"

    "We have a third Natalia Kills album at home"

    The third Natalia Kills album at home:
  7. This feels like asking for a Coca Cola and getting a Pepsi. Maybe I'll pretend the third album is the Cappuccini EP

    Still an 11/10
  8. Can we turn Camila's thread into The Natalia Kills Stanning Hour, too?
  9. Let's keep the energy going

    I feel like this one's always been mad underrated.
  10. Rob


    But what would people talk about in the Ava Max thread?
  11. This is not a name I was expecting to see in the Camila Cabello thread.
  12. Climate change.
  14. Natalia Kills.
  15. Break You Hard is an iconic song.
  16. As far as we know, Ava isn’t a racist so she’ll be the hybrid Natalia Kills/“Torn wasn’t that bad actually” thread.
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  17. Ava Max thread is for Rexhars and bad bitches only.
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  18. The fact that she is being allowed to still perform at the Grammys, which she will undoubtedly turn into her little redemption moment is so fucking jarring.
  19. I ocasionally remember some great tracks on this album but I just can't go back to it? The racism event and the fact she is getting a way out with minimal apologies efforts makes me sick.
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  20. Looks like she’s shooting the My Oh My video.

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