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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. I love the new tour name.
  2. Has anyone replied with 'planing KKK meetings' or nah?
  3. Aryan Queen!
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  4. Damn Eva Braun looks snatched.
  5. She is absolutely clueless.
  6. Can we get a round of applause for the fact that none of her own singles from the album have gone top 40? Sis really came off of a #1 collab with Shawn and dropped flop after flop. itswhatshedeserves.gif
  7. She's doing a Marilyn homage when Normani literally just did that?

  8. This is SO Camila, the look voice AND type of song.
    It's No 1 on my NMF.
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  9. She's done a Marilyn homage in the past too:

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  10. Marilyn, sweetie...
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  11. She should have kept this aesthetic for the music video too.

  12. Tea.
  13. Don't act like her image hasn't been milked, skinned, dried, smoked, and spun underneath a heat lamp for the past 60 years!
  14. Poor Jean Harlow who Marilyn modeled herself after and now has sole claim to pinned up blonde hair and red lipstick.
  15. Is this how Jean Harlow felt



  16. I wish this thread was shut down. That racist poster trying to deffend her and receiving likes. How come this people are still able to casually pop in here to comment on her weekly attempts to stay relevant? Let her and her fans rot.
  17. Channelling Marilyn? Imagine how tired we are.
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  18. She should have kept her whole career in her drafts, teebs.
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  19. Look, she was younger when she made some really stupid tumblr page. She’s apologised and doesn’t feel the need to make matters any worse so she’s moving forward. She’s learnt her lesson and now she can ensure nothing like this happens again. No one here is saying what she did is ok. Doesn’t mean she needs to endure a lifetime of abuse and hate. She’s received her fair share of flack so let’s just all move forward.
  20. I guess you could call it that.
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