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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Mine as well! I was quite surprised though when that came up on my Spotify.
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  2. I don't think things are that bad. Most of the GP will be unaware of Sangria Wine/Consequences and will just see her next single as her comeback after a successful debut era. The song needs to be great but for a relatively new artist that goes without saying, regardless of whether her last single was a smash or a flop.
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  3. She'll be fine. The label probably got their return for the album on Havana and Never Be The Same and allowed her to do what she wanted after that.

    She will have a big budget for album two and radio still adores her. The GP has no idea about Sangria Wine or Consequences anyway, so with proper hype and a big first single, she will probably smash. Just don't let her Alessia Cara the situation.
  4. Never Be The Same was a good choice whether you liked it or not. The proof is in the numbers.

    I'm pretty frustrated by her team's failure to capitalize on a successful era, but I find the doom mongering to be a lot.
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  5. By the time of it´s release I was without internet for almost one year, thats why I just now found out about Crying In The Club and I absolutly love it! Why wasnt the song included on the album? I´d rather have Camila sing Sia outtakes than Natalie Portman.
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  6. I don't know, maybe because it "flopped"? (I don't really follow charts except when it's Avril) but both Crying and I Have Questions are great, way batter than some songs on the final tracklist.
  7. Really wished she pushed In the Dark, such a great little track.
  8. I would love for her to 'Radar' She Loves Control on her second album and allow it to be the smash it deserved to be.
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  9. Her debut had at least 2 more potential hit singles. Wasting the momentum on the garbage Sangria Wine, pointless Real Friends feature and equally pointless Consequences orchestra version is just infuriating.
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  10. If she has to sing a ballad, then give me one or two like Something's Gotta Give.
  11. Do we know why she didn’t release She Loves Control when every single fan was begging for it?
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  12. Because she’s a ~ real artiste ~ who wanted to release a ballad as the third single instead of a bop that already had more than 100M plays on Spotify.
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  13. I will never forgive Camila for her Crying in the Club erasure. She didn’t include it on the album (even in the UK - where it’s platinum!) and she hasn’t performed it since Havana came out.
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  14. Crying In The Club could have worked better as a single down the road for her. Camila is a strong, feisty, confident woman and they wanted that to be her lead debut single to be called Crying In The Club?
  15. Crying In The Club is lame. I'm glad she's paid it dust.
  16. Wait - is this true??
  17. I really don't think that was the problem with the song. The problem was that it was a Sia reject with zero personality. A bop, but a derivative one.
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  18. I hope she doesn't try to have another moment with Consequences at the Grammys
  19. I wouldnt be opposed to her singing some sort of mash-up of Consequences and Beautiful.
    Just not Havana. Please.
  20. I'll scream if she performs Havana.
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