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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. I’ve given Camila a hard time lately because this double-single package isn’t quite doing it for me, but Dua literally has 1 top 10 hit in the US and her next highest peaking song was One Kiss at #26. Let’s not do too much on Ms. Cabello and her success level, the girl has two #1s, another top 10, and a #1 album.
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  2. Dua is the New Rules girl and her album flopped in the US but globally she has made a little bit more of an impact than Camila, she seems cooler than Karla in the eyes of the GP (again from what I've gathered, maybe this is different elsewhere). For a one hit wonder in the US her streaming numbers aren't that bad either. Camila has more plaques but the way this double single is being managed is not doing her any favors honestly.
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  3. In addition to those already mentioned, Halsey is more of a big pop girl than Camila. Stream Graveyard today little Frangipanes.
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  4. Does Cami have a Grammy, though? Dua wins.
  5. Dua snatching not one but TWO Grammys was iconic but I would put money on Señorita getting pop duo/group at this point...unless the committee sees that video from a few pages back.
  6. Unless Taylor payolas the grammys into awarding GramME!
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  7. I wonder if the Grammy committee thinks spelling is fun.
  8. Same. I’ve only heard it in full in that VMA performance & have felt so blessed. I’m a bit shocked it hit #1 when it hasn’t seemed to permeate into the zeitgeist at all.
  9. I’m not going to trawl through all of these pages, but has anyone mentioned that the verses sound exactly like Karma by Marina?
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  10. I've heard a clip of Señorita at most & I don't remember a thing about it. Feels amazing.
  11. My husband reckons she looks like Prince. Megalolz.
  12. Me upon release: Liar feels derivative.

    Me now: But what if..
    You kiss me..
    And what if..
    I like it...
    And no one sees it...

  13. This tea tho. I think Camilla's musical output is hella weak outside of three songs (Havana, Never Be The Same, and In The Dark; Shameless has some moments but I don't see myself coming back to it), but the way this forum undermines Camila's success while going on and on about how Normani and Lauren are such huge stars when they haven't had close to the same success is really weird to me. I mean, I get why Camila's voice and aesthetic choices rub people the wrong way and yes, her team squandered a lot of opportunities to build on her earlier successes, but she has still done beyond well for herself.
  14. ok Liar is a bop...not sure if I like the video but it did help me get into the song
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  15. Dddd is anybody talking about Lauren in 2019?
  16. Not really. I'm just saying that she got a lot of PJ credit despite not doing anything of note (before her solo career turned out to be a flop) whereas Camila's tangible objective success is constantly questioned.
  17. I think the resentment from pop fans over Camila still comes from her leaving the group the way she did.
  18. That's probably the case, but that resentment is misplaced IMO. She made the best decision for her own career and well being.
  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I think it comes from her being a bit shit at the whole popstar thing to start.
  20. She’s one of the most successful pop stars today but okay.
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