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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. This is the one, great chorus.
    Although the bridge is absolutely horrible...
  2. "South Of The Border" would low-key slap if it was just Camila and Cardi.
  3. this song is the best of the 3, the other 2 felt abit try-hard. This feels more organic in a sense. I have a feeling the second album will be very hit and miss though.
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  4. Liar is rising pretty quickly on US iTunes, so I don’t think they should abandon it completely, since it’s actually reacting well to airplay and holding up well on Spotify. It might not be a super smash hit for her but it’ll do something. Its trajectory so far reminds me of NBTS’s chart run.
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  5. Oh, Cry For Me is pretty great!
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  6. It's #53.
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  7. The chorus is so Marina.
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  8. Cry For Me is definitely the best of the three. A bit of a serve.
  9. This should have been the lead.
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  10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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  11. This isn't good either. But her voice has turned me off more on these 3 songs than ever before, so maybe I'd like the song better in the hands of someone who's voice I enjoy more.
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  12. The mixing is tragic on the 3 songs but Cry For Me is the worst. I love the song a lot but the last chorus is just too loud and grating. There is also a 'machine hum' sound through out that you can hear clearly in the beginning. There is no dynamic range whatsoever.
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  13. I maintain that her singing makes her unique and I don’t think it’s that much more grating than early Britney’s peak pop voice, for example. She isn’t half as charismatic and likeable though, I think that’s the main problem.
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  14. Not a fan of Cry For Me, it’s a bit boring? Much prefer the last two singles.
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  15. This is a huge issue with her. No matter how many great songs she releases (and I've enjoyed all 3 of the new ones), I fear she won't be cement herself with any kind of longevity because she's simply not memorable enough. It's a shame because she's talented, but for a pop star personality/charisma/X factor or whatever you want to call it is almost more important than talent.
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  16. Unsurprisingly I love it and don't understand a single one of those objections. Completely spellbinded and biased.
  17. I thought this too. Weirdly processed.

    This is the only memorable song so far.
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  18. It's ok. Liar and Shameless are better.
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  19. Normally I hate when people stay stuff like this, but -

    Sis. You're 22, not 15.
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