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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Her first album campaign, you mean? The only thing we know of her second album is that she is working on it.

    But yes, I agree. Given how successful Havana and Never Be The Same were, better single choices would have saved the campaign from dying so quickly
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  2. Whoops sorry that’s what I meant.

    Honestly, hearing Never Be The Same on radio was great so it’s a shame they derailed the campaign with that tragic Pharrel song.
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  3. The way her team shit themselves after Never Be The Same was such a mess. Radio seems to love her so I'm sure her lead single will do well in spite of that.
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  4. I think the lead single will do well regardless but it better be a bop or I feel like interest is going to dwindle (I know mine will, at least).
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  6. Will this classic be included in the soundtrack?
  7. Here's hoping she doesn't repeat past mistakes:
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  8. I'm still so enraged that She Loves Control wasn't a single. What the fuck
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  9. I can totally picture her insisting to launch the next album with an useless ballad because she's an artiste etc
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  10. There is zero chance her label is gonna give her as much freedom with single choices until she secures another smash, and rightfully so.

    I would guess that Sangria Wine seemed like it would smash to the label and her, just on name alone (even though the song is dire), and she was allowed push Consequences purely because she was the one to fight for Havana to begin with. But for sure she lost any leverage she might have had when Consequences failed to take off.
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  11. My bad, sorry.
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  12. Do we really need yet another retelling of the Cinderella story?
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  13. No Cinderella story will ever top A Cinderella Story!
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  14. I understand that Cinderella is a huge opportunity for her, but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit soon for her to be doing all of this. Just...focus on being a pop star for a bit, you’ve got 2.5 hits to your solo career’s name so why not try to establish yourself as a Big Pop Girl first and then do the movies/side-hustles later (see: Gaga, Beyoncé, and Taylor all now doing movies 6-ish albums into their respective careers).
  15. Rob


    Things finally seem to be building again with her. As well as the movie, she'll be on Mark Ronson's new album, has written 51 songs of her own and has a name for Album 2.
  16. She teased some lyrics and a visual last night on her story. She also used the dead rose, lipstick kiss stain and black heart emojis to translate/tease/describe the album title. I hope it’s nothing too emo and lengthy (again).
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