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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Until one sticks!
  2. I keep saying this on every page, but the mixing on all the tracks is atrocious. The last 30 seconds of 'Easy' are a mess ... I wonder how that passed quality control. All the songs have no replay value for me because my ears are ringing by the end of each track.
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  3. Well for me she's 4/4, and I've barely even paid any attention to her before. Easy is of course the weakest we've had so far from the new album, but it's still quite lovely.
  4. I really like Easy and she sounds fantastic in it.

    Not really sure why all these songs are being released one after the other. If the album is ready, why wait until December? So what if there's no hit single? I'd get the album anyway.

    Camila and her team need to stop with the PR idiocy and just have her focus on her music. I have a feeling a lot of fans and/or part of the general public got turned off by this whole Shawn nonsense. Who are they fooling, really? Like I said before, I love Camila but the whole thing with Shawn was such a turn off. She doesn't need to resort to that in order to get a number one.
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  5. Another Epic™️ Fail. She performed Easy and Cry For Me on SNL, instead of her current active single. She also served a tragic Marie Antoinette inspired performance for Cry For Me.

    She really doesn’t want to release her album in December.
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  6. I actually feel like Liar is the weakest of all the songs she's released. I understand how its supposed to be "the hit" but it falls flat. None of them are good enough to be the big hit she and her label are looking for, but they're cute enough album tracks.
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  7. I think the chorus of Easy is quite nice and emotional. The rest of it is a bit boring though.
  8. At this point I think they still don't have any strategy, Liar was stable on streaming services and rising on radio, it was waiting for that perfect push.

    Both performances were nice, but it should've been Liar instead of one of them.
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  9. Cry For Me and Easy are the best two of the four she’s released so I’m not mad at the song choices even if it makes no sense from a charts perspective dd.
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  10. These quick lil singles...
  11. Liar sounds like a massive hit to me, so you're probably right.
  12. All of the songs from the new era are pretty beige and unremarkable. There's nothing about these songs that makes me want to play them again.

    I have a feeling she's casually going to forget these songs exist and never let them go anywhere near the actual album.
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  13. It kinda makes sense now. Liar and Shameless were both recorded a week before the start of the campaign and it's probably because the label was panicking when she delivered 14 ballads.

    It's also obvious to me that she's been trying to detach herself from the Latin genre since Havana (and the fact that She Love Control never got release) so snubbing Liar makes sense.
  14. I think she was trying to go for a Madonna “Vogue” moment – she’s a stan

  15. Vocally both SNL performances were great, but Cry For Me seemed a little awkward.
    After the first two minutes or so she just felt kind of aimless and was in that big costume for no reason.
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  16. I get SNL has that shabby chic 'filmed at the Friends studio when Marta Kauffman wasn't looking' feel but she needs to get back to performances like these:

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  17. I... Really liked the Cry for Me performance.
    I'm not really a fan of hers but I listened to the song when it came out on the New Music Friday playlist and actually really liked it... And the SNL performance was really good. She sounded great and because of the concept and costumes, it didn't turn the song awkwardy sexual with any dance moves or anything. It was cute.
  18. Since Liar is my less favourite of the songs she has released so far, I am very happy she didn't perform it.

    The two performances were great, and she sounded very good in both. Cry for Me was very entertaining, and it made me like the song a bit more.
    Easy was cute!
  19. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I still get the feeling that Camila's personal taste is at complete odds with the direction her career is taking.
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