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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. The performance for Easy was great. And whew, she looked stunning. Cry For Me... Is not it.
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  2. I’m probably alone here but I love Liar. Definitely the strongest of the 4 so far I’m my opinion.
  3. It's mind.
  4. Easy is a hard pass (so generic and melodically uninteresting) and I don't fuck with Liar in any way, but Shameless is a legit good (bordering on great) song that I think would be getting a lot more props if it wasn't Camila. Cry For Me is okay, but sounds way too Marina without being as good (it's still better than most of Love+Fear though).
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  5. I mean it’s not in my top 5 of the year, I just said it’s the best of 4 tracks she’s released in the space of 2 weeks.
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  6. there were several people here who said they like it, including me, so you're not alone :) . It's my favorite out of the 4.
  7. The Cry For Me performance was excellent and it's a shame this thread is too jaded/blinkered to actually give a compliment where due.
  8. Right...well that's put me in my place!!!
  9. Sis...

    Nobody seems to have a hard time giving her a compliment. Maybe read the thread before going into defense mode.
  10. There was one posted above Vasilios singling out the Cry For Me performance as shit which isn't there now, and then Vas' complaints about the set design/what she "needs to go back to" or whatever. But thanks for the advice sis.
  11. What a bar to clear.
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  12. WAIT @ "Cry for Me" sounding like a less-interesting Family Jewels outtake. That froot IS familiar.
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  13. I actually love Easy and I’m usually not someone who gravitates towards ballads. She really sold it with that performance.
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  14. Those SNL performance just cemented for me that she's definitely a star. What ever " the x-factor" is she definitely has it.
    I've never seen her give less than 100% (even in her dying days with 5H when she could've slacked off or not shown up) and she seems to genuinely love what she does and her performances can lift mediocre material.
    As with any artist there are point when it's "cool" to tear them down and everyone has a right to an opinionsl but hopefully the worm will turn again and realise its ok to celebrate and enjoy a popstar that actually wants to be one.
    It'll be interesting to see what tracks make the final cut for the album and how many songs she's going to include.
    Her debut was so light that a bigger track list the 2nd time around would be appreciated.
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  15. I don't think that's the problem here. Many people in this thread have commended her for her work ethic and the out-and-out hustle she put in to get to this point. We love a pop star with drive and ambition - if anything the recent criticism is because we want her to succeed.

    The issue at the moment is mainly with the material she's putting out and the strategy surrounding its release. For example, why put out four songs at once? And of those four why is she not performing the one that seems to be taking off the most?
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  16. Throw a bunch of songs out and see what sticks, and then ride with the one that people like the most... An INTERESTING strategy, but not necessarily a bad one.
  17. True, but surely the one that sticks the most (in this case Liar) should then be the one she performs on primetime TV?
  18. Shameless >>> Easy > Liar >>>> Cry For Me

    would be my ranking
  19. The Cry For Me performance felt like Rachel Berry doing musical theater. Not here for it at all. These songs just... aren't good.
  20. So one complain about the set design being not good set you off?
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