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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. Liar is a bit of a cute bop. The rest is not it.
  2. Not this tweet being the biggest hit of the current era.
  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    She checked out of Fifth Harmony in part because she didn’t like the image she had to portray and the music she had to make; seemed to be gearing up for a singer-songwriter solo career and then got steered into doing pop that isn’t so far removed from Fifth Harmony and taking part in big pop spectacle performances exactly like Fifth Harmony. I don’t think her penchant for maudlin ballads and self indulgent poetry turned into songs has gone away, I dunno, just a feeling I get based on nothing tangible.
  4. Are we getting a complete album before the end of the year? I don't understand this era nor do I think she's released anything single worthy.
  5. Thank you and I totally agree. If it's the singer-songwriter route that she's really going for, this is not the way to go and I blame her handlers for steering her away from that. She's still young, though, so maybe once she gets a few albums her belt, they will let her finally do what she really wants to do to her heart's content. I would prefer that more, tbh.
  6. The thing about a singer-songwriter route is I haven’t really seen anything in her material so far that merits she has that much of a skill yet as a songwriter. To compare, she’s 22 and at that age, Taylor had already written her State of Grace, All Too Well, Dear John, etc.
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  7. I think Camila is a good enough songwriter, but I also think she bought into the industry hype a little too much and thinks she’s further along in her career than she actually is. Despite having a few smash hits, I feel like the GP still doesn’t really know who she is/what she’s about and this ‘throw everything at the wall and see what sticks’ strategy certainly isn’t going to help carve out an identity for her.
  8. Launching this campaign while "Señorita" is still peaking was a mistake, in my opinion.
  9. Camila USP was that she stood out in Fifth Harmony, she looked cute, danced well, her voice was radio gold (no matter what people here say), she was a feature everyone wanted and yes could pen a cute young girl lyric or two. Those were her assets I think, not songwriting. And she can perform the hell out of her great songs (again, all the Havana performances were events).
    BUT if one of her songs had caught on it would have been a great move as she'd have built on the radio goodwill.
  10. To be fair Liar is up again in the UK, so maybe one of the songs is catching on, at least in shitty ol' Blighty.
  11. She's confirmed the album is called Romance so this thread could probably use a title change.
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  12. Still can't believe she gave us this after that amazing Shameless video.
  13. I saw the Liar video on TV and the Katy Perry super low-brow humour is not a good fit for her... Or anyone for that matter.
  14. I just don’t get the video at all. It ruins the song for me.
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  15. The Taylor stan jumped out ddd
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  16. Camila sis...if you want all of the attention on one song at a time, why did you start the campaign by dropping two at once.

  17. Aside from this video being a mess, does anyone know what the song which plays for about a second right at the end is? It's bugging me!
  18. The 'dropping a new single every 3 days' strategy isn't quite working out.

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  19. RMK


    I'm actually enjoying this messy campaign, because at least the music is being delivered. It isn't, like, one single every four months waiting for a hit, or broken down EPs. Plus, all these songs are cute but not huge so the performance is sensible dd.
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  20. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    She’s kind of the type of pop star that’s just dead in the water these days, no?
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