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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. It's the 4th drop - a Hot 100 debut would not be expected. Once again, this is Camila Cabello, not Taylor or Ari.
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  2. Liar is 21 on global Spotify a month after it came out, so... no, clearly not.

    I'm not sure what's going on in this thread. Nobody seems able/willing to admit that she's doing just fine and give a bit of credit. You don't have to like the music, but let's not make silly claims about her "type" of pop being dead. There's space for most artists and certainly there's space for her.
  3. Got around to watching the SNL performances, Cry For Me was really strong albeit still being mixed with the usual try hard moments. She sounded good singing Easy but the songs a bore.
  4. I am now addicted to Liar, what a tune!
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  5. There's still plenty of time for them to delay the album and leave these as orphaned 'non-album single' entries on her Wikipedia discography.
  6. Cry For Me didn't chart either... and Easy literally had an SNL performance the day after it came out. Plus both other tracks have failed to crack the top 50, it's not like Easy is a fluke. The point is that none of these are taking off.
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  7. For all I care all the new songs suck much like her personality.

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  8. No? She’s had a #1 this year and that song is still going strong. Liar is holding up well on global Spotify and is shaping up to be a hit for her in the UK. The campaign’s been messy but it’s not doing as bad as people like to admit.
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  9. I must admit that as a newcomer I'm a bit startled by the rampant negativity going on in this thread. I guess I'll have to find another place to express my very positive feelings about this era.
  10. I quite enjoy 'Cry For Me' in all its 'LOVE+FEAR' Marina-esque energy.
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  11. Well Liar looks like it might crack the top 20 in the UK this week...
  12. Liar stuck at 21 in the UK. It passed 100m on Spotify today.
  13. Liar on Graham Norton last night. She's a consistently good vocalist in her live performances.

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  14. Where was this whole sultry but simple vibe when they did the storyboard for the video though?? Mess.

    One thing you have to give her props for regardless how you feel about execution, songs, voice etc. is that she does commit to every televised performance she gives. She at least tries to do something different each time she promotes a song.
  15. Why am I suddenly bopping to Cry For Me?

    Her Marina cosplay is working on meh.
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  16. Good luck!
  17. Graham Norton was another fantastic performance and she and the dancers look awesome in the red latex.
    It's a shame she didn't mash up "Shameless" or one of the other singles to capitalize on the promo slot but I loved it regardless.
    Does the album actually have a locked in release yet?
  18. She starts shooting a movie early next year and has promised fans this album would be out before Christmas. No fixed release date this year.
  19. She had the same release date as Kesha, who has since moved out to January.
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  20. upu



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