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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. I don't know why she hasn't/doesn't put solo versions of her featured tracks as bonuses.
    She performs them regularly in her solo shows so why not just record them?
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  2. Shameless is a great artistically satisfying package. The song is a perfect mix of dark and pop and the video is intense. It's my second favorite thing released from a former member of Fifth Harmony after Havana.

    The less about the other songs the better. They're weak.
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  3. Liar remains amazing.
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  4. Did the Graham Norton performance do anything for her, or is it too soon to tell?
  5. Despite being a bit lukewarm on her songs, I have to admit her vocals in all her live performances so far this era have been consistently excellent.
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  6. That Liar performance was great but it highlights how subpar the single is as a "lead".
  7. The Graham Norton performance was on point, definitely the best thing to come out of this era/bunch of songs. I might still be warming up to Liar & Cry For Me.
  8. We'll see about that
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  9. Rob


    Until she feels "inspired" in a few week's time and the album is pushed out to never late 2020.
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  10. Me when I get ghosted after putting minimum effort into conversation and not replying for days
  11. February 14th is a Friday, I know the album was coming this year at one point but taking a (short) break and then properly launching in early January wouldn't be such a bad idea.
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  12. Will they pull a Halsey and drop all of these songs in favor of a different style?
  13. I mean it might be done but will it get released?
  14. If she’s tweeting that the album’s done today would she have had time to write and record an album’s worth of material in less than two months? She’s stayed pretty busy promoting the new music since Shameless/Liar dropped. She hasn’t even hinted at any of the 4 songs released so far have been scrapped from the official album tracklist.
  15. I really enjoy these four songs. Liar is pretty much amazing and i love the grit in Shameless. The other two are less impressive than those but still pretty solid.
  16. What I'm finding most bizarre this era is the shoddy mixing and mastering on the songs. I found the first album a bit dull overall but the project was immaculately produced and I'm surprised because the same people are back with her this time around.
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  17. Does she mean the album or her and Shawn?
  18. Officially bopping to Liar now, the Graham Norton performance elevated it so much for me.
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