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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. This will bomb but at least she can record a quick lil bop in time for that movie she is in.
  2. Everything about this era is so tacky.
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  3. I love the cover art in all its debauched, grungy Gothic glory.
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. December 6th

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  6. <3
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  7. Colour me shook that this is actually happening
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  8. The album cover is giving me Urban Outfitters does My December
  9. I really like the album cover, but I'm kinda dreading listening to the album in full in December. None of her recent throw-songs-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks releases have impressed me much.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Since she mentioned tour dates coming soon, I’m sure she’ll do a tour bundle which should save her from completely bombing first week. I respect that they’re sticking to the original schedule despite none of the singles bothering the top 40.
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  12. North American tour dates are on her website.
  13. I like the cover and I enjoy all the songs we got so far even though none of them is amazing.
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  14. Seems the album is 14 tracks long and Señorita was included

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  15. RMK


    Despite it being there for success purposes, Señorita has always felt more like Camila's song than Shawn's. I wonder if Shawn tacking it onto his deluxe prohibits it from getting Camila any chart credit.

    If my boyfriend did that I'd be shook dd
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  16. Wasn't Shawn's only a digital 'tack'. Maybe they'll work around this.
  17. Why is looking at tour dates in September 2020 mentally exhausting?
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  18. Remember when Ariana managed to scam Bang Bang's streams for her own album because she beat Jessie J and the other one to it.

    An iconic moment in niche gay pop culture herstory.
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  19. Why do I remember the opposite? That Ariana snatched the points.
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