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Camila Cabello - Romance

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Florencia., Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. It's kind of tragic how none of these quick lil songs have had even an ounce of knock-on goodwill from Senorita, what with it being a worldwide number one smash and all. Granted none of them are any good but still, it's interesting to see her flop so hard with such a recent huge hit to her name.
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  2. I hate that the R is capitalized... eh.
  3. I actually like all 4 songs.
  4. The songs that she has released so far are ok, but I wouldn't say they're terrible.

    My issue with Camila is that the poor girl is 22 years old and all these songs sound too "serious, grown"... where's the fun in being a young popstar? The bright colors, going out with your friends, being young and carefree? That's why people are having such a hard time connecting with her...

    I miss when popstars didn't take themselves so damn serious so early in their careers.
  5. She's only 'flopping' because they split the interest of the songs.
    Had they gone all out on one of them, she'd have gotten a nice little hit.
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  6. RMK


    I wouldn't say she's even flopping? Underperforming, yes, but Señorita is just so huge that there isn't much room for anything else by her unless it's really good. The same thing happened to Halsey after Without Me, or Due after New Rules. Nothing she's released is good enough to distract from the bigger single.
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  7. Underperforming is really just a cordial way of saying flopping, let's be real. The sensitivity... far too much.
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    Oh, it's definitely sensitivity and pettiness, but in my book underperforming would be just missing the mark, and flopping would be something of close to a complete disappointment of no return. (i.e Meghan Trainor)

    Like, Liar isn't doing well, but it's been released along with four other promotional singles and a gigantic song of the summer. And the album has a solidified release date. Nothing is really damaged here.
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  9. Can the media stop with these blanquitas being leaders of the "Latin music community"...
  10. Shameless is still that bitch and Cry For Me is great so I've got high-ish hopes for the album, and respect to her team for sticking to the plan.
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  11. When does her movie start shooting? Isn't that likely the only reason they are allowing this release to happen? Because she doesn't have the time to abandon it and start with a new lead in 2020.
  12. Nice to see her going back on tour. I saw her at the Orpheum in Vancouver for her first date in 2018 in a theatre & the energy was incredible. She certainly knows how to entertain and keep you engaged tho I never felt so old when I went to grab a beer and there was no line.
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  13. I'm not sure this is true. 7 Rings is not really good but it managed to be a hit pretty much simultaneously with her other massive hit and that happened because the artist is huge and people are invested in her. Halsey and Camilla are having a problem with the latter - people aren't getting invested in them beyond the occasional song. Obviously a lot of that is the music industry business model of 2019 but with Camilla there's a bigger disconnect. Senorita and If I Can't Have You were in the top 10 at the same time. Same artist. There is no reason Camilla couldn't have had a big hit off the back of Señorita. The songs being mediocre isn't helping but people aren't connecting with her.
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    Yeah that makes sense, that's part of what I was trying to say but couldn't find the words for (dd). They aren't connecting with their audience like Ariana or Shawn, and the lack of great material is preventing them from growing past this type of situation where a big hit (sort of) takes their momentum.
  15. Wow, she's playing Madison Square Garden. I'll be there, for sure, and this time I won't buy floor tickets because who wants to watch the concert on everyone's else's phones they're holding up?
  16. Apparently Miss Ava Max is the opening act for the US dates.
  17. That fits.
  18. The album cover’s nice, but I preferred her first album cover more. I just feel at this point in her career and the kind of artist she is, Camila should feel more relatable... the first album cover felt more like a persona.
  19. There's a lot of digging for answers, but it just generally boils down to the fact that people aren't interested in her. A catchy song can smash regardless, but very few people are invested in her so it's difficult to build momentum from that if there's no excitement for what's coming next.
  20. Yeah, i agree. I don't mind this new double release strategy that labels are embracing to see which song takes off, but four songs in quick suceession is too much.
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